Art 101: What Creative Career Is Right For Me?

Hook: Choosing a career that fits right can be difficult. Some people will suggest you choose a practical career that can help you get a blue-collar job, but it’s just not for everyone. If you want a more creative career, this article will answer the question, “what creative career is right for me?”

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Being a creative person and maintaining that creativity up until your adulthood is a great thing. You see the world differently, and you tend to appreciate all the mundane things in life. However, choosing a career isn’t easy, especially in a world that glorifies people who select more practical choices.

If you’re a teenager and want to choose a more creative job, this article is for you. Here, we answer the question, “what creative career is right for me?” With all the choices out there, we hope that this article will answer your questions and help you choose the career that will help you blossom.

Creativity isn’t just about visual arts, but there is a lot of work to be done. Art usually comes with a price, and you’ll need a lot of time and patience to be able to make a career out of your passion.

The important thing is, you keep working on your craft and finding ways to improve your skills. Don’t allow yourself to be caught up in other people’s opinions because art is very subjective.

What matters most when choosing your career is that you maintain the grind that comes with it.

Choosing The Best Creative Career For You

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A lot of people who choose creative careers know how difficult it is to be an artist. Most people from the older generation often discourage their children from pursuing more creative careers because they fear that these jobs wouldn’t come with a stable income which is true to some degree.

One of the most common questions people ask is, “what creative career is right for me?” It’s a valid question because there are so many careers. So, here are some of the most creative careers and their benefits. 

What Creative Career Is Right For Me?

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While creative careers aren’t the easiest to get into, they’re still worth pursuing. Here are some creative careers that you can look into if you’ve ever asked the question, “what creative careers are right for me?”

  1. Writing: Writing requires some form of creativity because you need to write something engaging and entertaining, and this doesn’t apply to everyone.

  2. Acting: One of the most difficult jobs is pretending to be someone you’re not. However, if you’re good at this, you might want to consider being an actor.

  3. Musicians: Music is a form of art that stimulates the mind through hearing. If you can carry a tune or even compose your songs, music might be the job for you.

  4. Architecture: If you have a penchant for designing houses and you enjoy making interesting structures on Minecraft, then you should consider pursuing a career in architecture.

  5. TV and Radio: Another creative career to pursue is a course related to TV and Radio. While a lot of people may think this is an easy job, broadcasting content is more challenging than you think.

  6. Journalism: Aside from being a creative career, journalism is also a way to let people know about current affairs. In a way, this career is also practical and necessary.

  7. Theatre: If you’re musically inclined and love to add flair when you express yourself, consider pursuing a career in theatre. You may enjoy working on productions like Cats, or Les Misérables.

  8. Art curators: A creative career that also requires some knowledge is being an art curator. You can work in museums and libraries and educate people on the history behind certain artifacts.

  9. Crafts: If you’re handy and like to make things with your hands, then you might want to pursue a career as a craftsman. It’s important to note that this career isn’t necessarily going to provide you with a stable income.

  10. Arts and design: Lastly, we cannot forget to include arts and design which covers fashion design, painting, and digital arts. It’s the most widely pursued creative career and continues to be a relative common choice. 


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Now that we know the different creative careers and what they cover, we hope it answers “what creative career is right for me?” While the thought of pursuing art might be terrifying because there’s no way to ensure a stable income, these careers still help the world go round.

Being an artist comes with plenty of advantages that aren’t as obvious to the older generation who were taught that they had to live to work, whereas art teaches people to work to live. In any case, we hope that this article helps make your choice more straightforward. 

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