How Paint by Numbers for Kids Aids in Child Development

Painting by numbers is a timeless and ageless activity suited for everyone, regardless of age and artistic skill. Most of us were first introduced to this concept back in nursery or kindergarten, where we learned different numbers and colors through the aid of coloring books. Over the past few years, painting or coloring kits of this kind became popular not just for children but also adults who sought stress relief through art. Many adults have experienced the benefits of creating art. Now, they want their children to benefit from paint by numbers for kids. There is no doubt that you should encourage your child to do arts and crafts by starting with these kits. But, what can they get with paint by numbers for kids? That’s what we’ll find out today, so read below to find out more.

A photo of a kid drawing on a white paper

Every kid loves to color, do arts and crafts, and express their creativity. That’s why we should encourage them to be creative and imaginative not just inside their classroom but also in their home. Children are known to create the most artistic worlds from their minds. What’s wonderful about kids is that they’re not afraid to ask many questions to feed their curiosity and they see the world not as it is, but as it could be. These amazing abilities should be nurtured for them to improve their creative skills and paint by numbers for kids kits can help you improve your child’s strengths even more.

Why Paint by Numbers for Kids is the Ideal Kit to Fuel Your Child’s Abilities

    1.  Improves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination:

The movements we make by using our hands and by utilizing their small muscles are called “fine motor.” This is a very crucial skill to develop as a child since it is the time where they learn a very basic, yet important ability which is writing. Allowing your child to hold different brushes and other art materials can aid in the improvement of your child’s motor skills despite the simplicity of the activity. Through painting, your child’s muscles (in their fingers, hands, and wrists) are strengthened and exercised. Moreover, allowing them to paint the segments of different shapes and sizes can help in developing hand-eye coordination, another important skill to learn as a child.

A photo of a girl child covered with multiple colors on her hands and face for the Holi festival

    2.  Increased productivity and less screen time:

Living in a world full of technological advancements is a good place to live in, but it’s somehow affecting our productivity as humans, and this affects children as well. Now that we are in the golden age of technology where almost everyone has a gadget of some kind, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer, we tend to spend so much time on these gadgets that we forget the true value of simple things in life. As parents or elders taking care of children, we need to make sure that children don’t get too exposed to their gadgets and the internet due to the negative effects that can result from it. Instead, we should encourage them to do more meaningful things in life.  Even a simple activity such as painting by numbers is a great start to increase their productivity daily rather than allowing them to sit around keeping their eyes on their gadgets the whole day.

A photo of a boy using a water color to paint on a white paper

    3.  Promotes focus and concentration:

The ability to focus is very important for children to learn effectively, especially in school. Kids are known to have a short attention span and that is why we need to improvise our teaching methods towards them. An artistic activity like painting by numbers requires the keenest attention because you need to make sure that all the colors are put in their designated area. Not only that but engaging in arts can also stimulate a neurotransmitter in the brain known as dopamine. It will not only make the kids feel good, but it can also boost their motivation, focus, concentration, and drive. 

A photo of a boy sitting on a chair showing his artwork to a lady

    4.  Develops cultural diversity:

A simple activity such as painting by numbers can inspire children to try other arts and crafts, making them more interested in the field. Exposing children to different artistic movements, types of art, and other artistic genres can broaden their perspective, and even help them develop a love for different cultures which promotes empathy and understanding for other people.

A flat lay photography of water color painting by a child on a white table

    5.  Boosts self-esteem and confidence:

Because of the skill and capability-building painting provides to children, it gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment, especially after they finish a task. Moreover, creating art allows room for self-expression, teaching them that their creative ideas can be expressed to anyone with full confidence– a very important lesson that parents and elders should teach children.

A photo of a toddler holding a drawing painting


Every kid deserves to experience different arts and crafts activities to improve their creativity and imagination. Paint by numbers for kids aid not only in the development of their artistic skills, but also neurological functions that are essential for growth, school, and life in general. By allowing them to play with colors and numbers, you help them become a better version of themselves. So now that you know how helpful paint by numbers is for kids, let your kids choose their own image and we will turn it into a canvas for them. Don’t forget to get your own canvas too so that you and your kid/s can have some bonding time together while creating art. Precious bonding time and memories await! Start your family’s painting journey here.

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