Reasons why Creative Skills are Important

“Creative thinking – in terms of idea creativity – is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practiced and nurtured.” – Edward de Bono

There are so many misconceptions about creativity: creativity isn’t something that anyone is born with. It’s also something that our culture and professions don’t always encourage. You may be wondering why creativity is necessary if you aren’t an artist, musician, or work in an “artsy” field. Is it hard to be imaginative if it isn’t something that comes naturally? That is, thankfully, not the case! Creativity is something that can be nurtured over time.

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You may be shocked to learn that everyone can be creative: It applies to both those who completely share their artistic abilities and those who express them infrequently or not at all. All humans are born with the ability to be creative, particularly when it is viewed as a problem-solving skill.


The Importance Of Creative Skills

Consider a moment when you went to a museum or a sculpture garden, or when you saw an orchestral performance or attended a concert by a favorite artist. Did you marvel at their talent, artistry, and ingenuity on display? Did you ever consider how amazing it would be to have those abilities?

You’re not alone if you’ve ever had these kinds of feelings. It’s difficult for someone to look at a fantastic piece of art and not imagine standing, even briefly, to be in the artist’s shoes. Have you ever recognized the seeds of creativity within yourself, while admiring creative works or creative people? Here are some of the reasons why being creative is encouraged to everyone:

    1)  Creativity helps you see the big picture

In many aspects of life, being able to see the big picture is important. It’s easy to get bogged down and lost in the details, whether it’s in your personal life or a work project. It’s like going for a walk in the woods when  you’re being creative and letting your mind wander. Rather than focusing on a single piece of moss, continue down the path and explore the trees. You can see beyond the forest.

    2)  Creativity motivates you

Are you upset and discouraged about something? Doing something creative will make you feel better and get rid of a bad mood. It takes your mind away from whatever is bothering you. It helps you stay focused on something more enjoyable. It’s like revving the engine of your mind when you do something creative that involves making something, such as baking, painting, or completing a puzzle. You’re clearing the cobwebs from your mind and getting your thoughts going. It would be easier for you to get started on the job you’re having difficulty with.

    3)  Creativity helps with Problem-solving

When you’re looking for a solution to a dilemma, thinking creatively expands your options. You examine the situation from various perspectives. People always get stuck on ideas they’ve always used in the past. Although it could still complete the task, it may be achieved more creatively. That is how we get original ideas and how innovators distinguish themselves from others.

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    4)  Creativity can make you more productive

Creative people have smart minds. They’re typically brimming with ideas and taking in inspiration from their surroundings. They are also more creative because they bring more to the table than someone who does not open their eyes to what is going on around them. Creative minds are constantly searching for new ways to solve problems, which leads to improved productivity and creativity.

    5)  Creative skills boost your confidence

Creativity aids in seeing the big picture, staying inspired, and solving problems. What could be more reassuring to a person’s self-esteem than that? You’re proving to yourself that you’re a capable person when you think creatively and tackle various obstacles. Just a small percentage of good things in life come without any effort. Along the way, imagination adds to the fun and satisfaction during the process.

    6)  Creative skill helps your thoughts and feelings

The mind can be a jumbled mess. It can feel like you’re chasing every thought or emotion you come across, like a dog chasing every car he sees. Traditional methods of expressing your thoughts and emotions are often too linear and fail to capture what’s happening. More creative methods, such as journaling, mind-mapping, and even drawing, allow you to freely express what’s on your mind.

Creative Thinking Skills: What They Are?

There are no limitations to how you can apply your innovative thinking. However, there are some skills that you will need to hone in order to improve your creative thinking;

  1. Being empathetic with other people’s thoughts and feelings.
  2. Being organized.
  3. Being a good communicator (i.e. a good listener and speaker).

How you can become a Creative thinker

  1. Get to know a new and interesting group of people.
  2. Taking advantage of new concepts and opportunities.
  3. Experiencing new ways of thinking which acts as a great way to push yourself.
  4. Participating in various forms of art such as dance, poetry, and theatre.

In conclusion, it isn’t difficult to think creatively in everyday life. We’ve come to learn from each other in order to develop as individuals. We all have a variety of attributes concealed within us. When we begin to think in new ways, we are exercising our creative abilities. These abilities and strengths will help us make a positive difference in our cognitive processes and lead to us thinking differently from others. All you have to do now is practice your skills and put yourself in situations that wouldn’t usually challenge you.

Stay optimistic, be innovative, and inspire change!

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