Why a Hands-free Leash is the Perfect Dog Leash for Running


Going outside for a run can drastically improve our health. Though running by yourself is enough, it is no doubt that running with a companion is more fun. Of course, nothing’s better than being accompanied by your furry best friend during outdoor adventures. As much as we’d like them to be off-leash outside, most places will require you to leash them due to leash guidelines. Such could be an inconvenience for the two of you, because leashes can restrict your movements, making it less enjoyable for you both. Hence a specially-made dog leash for running is required for activities like this to solve this problem.


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Running provides a multitude of benefits not only for you, but also for your dog. Just like humans, dogs need exercise, too, in order for them to live longer and healthier. Apart from balancing your weight to ensure that your body mass is on the right track, running exercises like jogging can also improve your cognitive function by providing mental sharpness. Moreover, it can also stimulate your dog’s senses. Running also promotes stronger bones, heart, and muscles. Thus, it can diminish symptoms of anxiety and depression (yes, dogs can experience mental issues as well). By having a physically active life, health abnormalities can be lessened. The best part? The bond between you and your dog gets stronger as you spend more time with each other, building a stronger and trusting relationship. A simple run can have a thousand benefits, so it’s time for you to get up, get a dog leash for running, and run!


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There is no question why you should leash your dog when you go outside your territory. Not only does it prevent them from getting lost, it can also help you avoid serious injuries and illnesses. Accidents are quite inevitable, but at the same time, they can be prevented by following safety measures and guidelines. Thus, you never know what’s outside, canine parvovirus and distemper can infect them in any corner so it’s better to be safe.

While putting them on a leash can be a life-saver, it also imposes several disadvantages on your end, including bad posture and hand injury. To dissolve these disadvantages, you need to utilize a dog leash for running since the standard dog leash can cause mishaps.

There are different types of leashes apart from the standard leash such as harness leads, retractable leashes, and martingale leashes, but only one is the most appropriate dog leash for running: the hands-free leash. Discover below why you should go hands-free on your next running marathon with your dog.

Hands-free Leash: Your Best Running Aid

1. They’re versatile:
Most pet products are offered with a single purpose only. Unlike other types of leashes, a hands-free one is not only designed for running, they’re also safe and suitable for use on different occasions. It’s more practical and can save you money in the long run since you no longer have to buy another product for another activity or event.


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2. Less tugging, more running:

Running with your furry buddy is quite a distraction sometimes because you have to keep up with their pace and constantly tug on their collar so that they’ll follow the direction you’re heading. With a hands-free leash, both of you can run freely and you only have to train them to follow your vocal cues.

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3. Eliminates health risks:

Running while holding your dog’s leash could result in a hand injury and bad posture if done often because it alters your gait. According to a 2018 research, about 16,000 hand injuries are reported due to improper leash handling. Dogs can be quite strong especially if they caught you off-guard or slightly loose in holding them, which can result in slipping the leash off your hand. By using a hands-free leash that is attachable to your waist, you get more control in holding your dog and don’t have to worry about your hand suffering terrible injuries. 


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4.Better balance and coordination:

Being able to run hands-free means that you don’t have to carry a heavy weight with one side of your hands and arms. This is a big advantage, especially if you love frequenting rough terrains with your dog since it gives you a good balance as you navigate the trails.

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Where to Buy the Best Dog Leash for Running?

A hands-free leash provides plenty of advantages for the owner who’s always on the go. If you’ve decided to get one for yourself, then we have the perfect leash for you. Most hands-free leash have everything you need if you love to have your dog with you during outdoor activities. The leash comes with a durable belt, a waist bag, and other special features! 

Let’s take a look at the other special features the leash has that other ones don’t.

Features of a hands-free dog leash


  • Reflective bungee and cord to make your dog visible in the dark
  • Durable clasp that can support your dog’s strength
  • High quality and heavy-duty belt buckle
  • Adjustable waist belt (up to 43” or 109 cm)
  • Long lead (up to 82” or 208 cm)
  • Comes with a waist bag that can be used as a poop bag dispenser or phone bag, etc.


Safety Reminder: Consider your body frame and your dog’s size before you purchase because owners with a small body frame with a big dog are not advised to use this type of leash.


Key Insights

Walk and run your dog with ease by using a hands-free leash. By using such, you don’t have to grip the leash too hard in order to control your dog. However, you need to keep in mind that your dog should be trained in listening to your cues if you’re going hands-free. 

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