THE WICKED BALL – Keep your dog occupied while you’re away.

Many dog owners encounter the challenge of leaving their pets alone when they leave the house. This can be a real problem for dog owners, because many dogs suffer from loneliness and boredom, and as a result, they begin to bark, become nervous, and run around the house, causing damage by biting the table pedestal or scratching the entire couch, and it can be especially problematic for those who live in rented housing, such as a condo.

In April 2019, the solution to all of your issues has been revealed to the globe. A crowdfunding campaign was launched on Indiegogo and Kickstarter with the goal of using the funds raised to create a toy that will keep the dog occupied while its owner is away. Cheerble created and manufactured this toy, which is known as the Wicked Ball.

What it is?

The Wicked Ball is a smart ball that can help your dog maintain good behavior by not feeling so lonely. This dog toy will keep your dog occupied and keep him from causing damage or bothering your neighbors. But how is it possible for this toy to perform so many tasks? The Wicked Ball moves, shakes, rolls, and jumps all by itself. When your dog isn’t interested in playing with the ball, this toy features a built-in snack hole where you can insert your pet’s favorite treats for added excitement.

This toy always follows the same pattern, with 10 minutes of activity followed by 30 minutes of rest. After 30 minutes of not being touched, it will resume its activity; however, if the ball is touched before the time is over, it will instantly resume jumping, rolling, and shaking.

The most typical difficulty with all pet toys is that they become caught in the most inaccessible areas of the house, such as beneath the sofa, behind a heavy cabinet, or behind the television. This is not the case with this pet toy, Wicked Ball, made by Cheerble, which is equipped with a sensor that allows it to avoid obstacles automatically.

Design and features

The Wicked Ball is made up of two main components: the wicked core and the outer shell. To turn on the toy, you must first unscrew the two sections of the outer shell to gain access to the wicked core. The wicked core consists primarily of a LED and the main button. 

The wicked core will switch on after three seconds of pressing the bone-shaped button, and the lighter will light up. Green, blue, and red are the three colors that the LED light may change to, which correspond to three distinct levels and game styles. You may effortlessly switch modes by pushing the same button that turns the toy on and off once more.

Let’s have a look at the outside shell now! In essence, it is made up of two distinct layers. The inner shell is made of a combination of rigid polycarbonate, while the outside shell is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. There’s also a surface on the outside shell that’s designed to make it easy for your pet to grab the toy.

This combination allows the Wicked Ball not to break easily, resisting the nails of cats or the bites of dogs.

Another advantage is that it may be used on any type of floor without causing damage, such as carpet or hardwood.

Wicked Ball is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if the ball accidentally lands in the water bowl.

Are there any Cons?

Someone expressed occasional dissatisfaction with the performance of the toy. Even though Wicked Ball is equipped with a sensor that is supposed to prevent the ball from getting stuck, it is possible that it will get stuck somewhere.

However, this is not a big problem, because as soon as the ball is released by a nudge from your dog, it resumes its normal function.


On average, online reviews are extremely good, and shoppers express their delight with their purchases.

Wicked Ball can be purchased at a lot of online retailers.

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