Things that influence art

There are a million things that influence art. Wherever you look, something will trigger your imagination and your brain will start downloading different art ideas. It’s incredible how many things can influence an artist in such a unique way that’ll help him create art. Because of art, the world is a brighter and happier place. All the shapes, the buildings, and the colors are pure art that lights up our planet.

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A world with no art would be a plain and dark world which no one would want to live in. The beauty of art is that artists are influenced by anything in the world, and then, the art they create can influence the whole world.

Being an artist means you need to use your creativity, imagination, any inspirations, and thoughts you may have and make something meaningful to yourself or a specific group of people. But, how do they get such brilliant ideas, how are they so creative? Some people are born with it whereas some others are not. Whatever the case is, both sets of people get inspired by things around them.

Nature, thoughts, emotions, environment, people, society, government, and past experiences. All these are factors that affect each artist differently. An artist may see a walk to the park at night as a cool way to relax, whereas someone may see it as a dangerous activity.

As mentioned before, artists are influenced by a variety of factors, and the art they create affects the whole world. Below, you’ll see artists and their influences, followed by the impact art has on the rest of the world.

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Artist’s influences

    1.  Ellen Harvey

Ellen Harvey is an artist who was influenced by the works of other artists. When she was a child, she traveled with her family to cities with strong character and culture such as France and Italy where she saw incredible paintings that marked her life forever. She became obsessed with painting and she was astonished by the details of each painting. Encountering these paintings at such a young age was a life-changing experience for her.

    2.  Dorothy Lorenze

Dorothy Lorenze is a contemporary realist painter who uses oil mediums to create her artworks. She is fascinated by ordinary functional things in life, and her work revolves around creating projects that show her appreciation for things that we use every day. She also admits that although she creates works of her own, she stills learns from some more experienced instructors who had their impact on her artistic career.

“I rest my case: beauty, warmth, humor – whose life doesn’t need more of these” 
– Dorothy Lorenze

    3.  Gaia Orion

Gaia Orion is an artist who grew up in Paris so she had the chance to get attached to art due to the artistic character of the city. She says that it’s impossible for an artist to not have any influences. She supports the notion that nothing is new and unique, every artist who creates something supposedly unique has been influenced by something he/she saw in their life. She loves creating artworks inspired by the Ancient years, such as petroglyph and archetypal designs from previous cultures. Gaia collected different characteristics that fascinated her from top artists such as Van Gogh, MC Escher, and Gustav Klimt. As you can see, Gaia was an artist who was influenced by some of the artists who will remain in history forever, and by the ancient years and cultures.

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How can art influence the rest of the world?

If you think about it, art has no negative impact on the rest of the world. Apart from artworks that were made to scare people, art that is influenced by nature, environment, people, or other artists, has only positive influences on our lives. 

    1.  Health Benefits

In a way, viewing art is a therapeutic activity for a person. Scientists have conducted a lot of research and studies on this topic. A study conducted in Norway, involving 50000 men and women above the age of 13 who like attending different galleries, showed that the people who expose themselves to art have reduced levels of anxiety and the chances of depression are low. The study also showed that these people have healthier well-being and appreciate life more.

    2.  Brain Benefits

Art enhances brain function and well-being. Viewing art opens your mind, and increases blood flow into the brain. A study has shown that art creates patterns and neural systems in the brain that increase the creativity and imagination of the person, and is also attached to the emotional balance of the person.

    3.  Art improves you as a person

Along with the many benefits on a person’s mental health, art can develop a better you. A study made in 2014, showed that kids who were exposed to visual arts felt better, thought differently, and showed more empathy towards other people. Also, another study showed that viewing art connects indirectly with love. By viewing something beautiful, a certain chemical – dopamine – is released to the brain. This chemical is related to feelings such as desire, pleasure, and love. 


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All in all

This article showed you how artists create art and how the art they create affects the rest of the world. Art has a lot to offer to humanity, something that most people don’t realize – art is everywhere. Whether you are new in the art industry or you are an experienced artist, it’s good to get involved as much as you can with art. 

Being an artist is no easy job. Most people believe that you need to have a certain amount of talent to be a professional artist which is partly true, but talent alone will not get you anywhere. If you wish to achieve something in your artistic career, it’s good to practice a lot, learn the fundamentals, and go out of your depth.

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