“Which Dog Should I Buy?” Easiest Dogs To Take Care Of

Adopting a dog can be overwhelming if you’re not considering the best dog to fit your lifestyle. You have to remember that not all breeds are the same. We will be answering the question, “Which dog should I buy?” with a list of the easiest dogs to take care of. 

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Before you adopt a dog, you should consider which breed to adopt. Dogs don’t have the same behavior, which is why choosing a dog you get along with is necessary if you want to live a happy life with your future best friend. 

Aside from behaviors that all dogs exhibit, you’re also going to have to get used to their unique personalities, and adapt to weird habits they may have as a breed. 

Another thing you might want to consider is where to adopt. While most people will suggest that you adopt from breeders, there are a lot of strays in shelters for animals that need love and care. However, older dogs might be a lot to handle if you’re new to taking care of pets. If you want to help them out though, you will need a lot of time and patience because most of the dogs in the shelter are in need of lots of special care. 

If you’re considering getting a dog from a puppy farm, it would be good to check the background of the farm you’re visiting as some of these places do not practice humane breeding practices. Here we answer the question, which dog should I buy? 

Easiest Dogs To Take Care Of 

If you’re considering adopting a dog, you should choose a dog that fits your personality. Most dogs are easy to get along with and will be a delight to take care of if trained properly, but we can’t deny that there are some breeds of dogs that are easier to take care of than others.

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Best Dogs For Novice Parents

If you’ve ever asked the question, “which dog should I buy?”, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the easiest dogs to take care of if you’re a newbie at being a fur parent: 

1. Golden retriever: Something about this dog just screams big ball of sunshine and seeing a pack of these together makes them look like a bucket of fried chicken. They’re also a very friendly breed, but they are a bit hyper so brace yourself for some long walks. 

Three puppies

2. Basset Hounds: If you’re a fan of Cartoon Network and grew up in the 90s, you’re probably familiar with Droopy, he was a protagonist on a show where he played a detective. With his lazy eyes and long ears, he became a fan favorite for all the children of the younger generation. Generally, basset hounds are short dogs with loud howls, so if you don’t mind some howling, you might enjoy this breed of dog.

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3. Maltese: This breed of dog looks sophisticated, expensive, and smart. The maltese are small dogs that need more quiet environments, so they may not be the best dog for you if you have small children. Aside from that, you will have to care for their coat well to keep it luxurious.

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4. Boston Terrier: Another small dog that is easy to take care of is the Boston terrier. They don’t shed as much as golden retrievers, but they’re notorious for having a lot of energy, so be prepared for a severe case of the zoomed when you get this dog.

Bulldog with a ball

5. Corgi: A trendy dog online that has captured everyone’s hearts with their peach butts are corgis. These stumpy dogs are cute, have great temperaments, and are easy to train if you take the right time and patience. 

Brown dog sitting

Key Takeaways

Dog on mountain

Being a dog parent is a lot of fun, but you should expect some challenges, as well. Different dogs will have different personalities, which is why you should choose a dog that suits your personality, your lifestyle, and your budget. 

A dog is an animal that will be around for a while if you take care of them, which is why choosing the right dog for you is crucial. If you’re wondering “which dog should I buy?” consider the dogs that we’ve added to this list.

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