The Different Ways to Enjoy Your PBN Kits Offered at BPBN

Paint by Numbers kits is the classic pastime hobby sets that everyone is familiar with. Each set contains a pre-printed canvas marked with contours and numbers, a set of acrylic paints, and three basic brushes to help you bring your vision to life. What is special about these kits is that they help beginners and non-artists to learn basic painting skills as well as create their masterpieces. Those who typically do not hold a paintbrush and draw on a canvas can finally try the artistic experience first-hand without having to worry about priming the canvas, paint mixing, etc. The painting process is made simpler and you only have to focus on matching the color to the corresponding number on the canvas. Not finding the task challenging enough? Well, you should try out the different ways to enjoy your PBN kits that will be featured in this article so read below to find out more!

A lady painting a flowered multi colored painting on a white paper fixed to an easel

Slowly but surely, number by number, and color by color, a beautiful image will be revealed once finished. For many people who have done so many paints by numbers kits already, the process is still quite enjoyable with the only caveat being that they find it less challenging. Well, if you’re one of them, we have got some new variations of the kits perfect for you! Nothing beats the classic fixed kits where you have hundreds of designs to choose from. But, if you’re up for leveling up your flair for creativity, then try out the different ways to enjoy your PBN kits only offered at Best Paint by Numbers. Wanna know what these are? Continue reading below.


Fun and Different Ways to Enjoy Your PBN

    1.  Custom Paint by Numbers:

This variation of PBN kits is getting more popular because of the idea that you can finally paint your own photo even without technical skills in painting. All you have to do is select a photo of your choice, upload it to the site, and wait for your kit to come to your doorstep. Unlike other stores, Best Paint by Numbers allows you to select the number of paint colors that you want to use for your artwork which affects the difficulty level of your painting. To enhance the aesthetic quality of your painting, you need to make sure that your selected image has good lighting, contrast, and sharpness. Other factors should also be considered such as the image size, dimension, and photo quality. To know more about these, visit our other article dedicated to this matter by clicking here.

Paint by Numbers- Paint Your Very Own Photo

Paint by Numbers– Paint Your Very Own Photo

    2.  Crush-Brush Style Paint by Numbers:

This style combines two of the most popular art styles emerging recently which are Pop art and Painterly. If you love vibrant colors with rich textures coming from the brush strokes, then this style is perfect for you. Similar to a Custom PBN, all you have to do is upload your favorite selfie, pet portrait, and other single subject photos. Make sure that the background isn’t cluttered or too detailed because you want your selfie or your pet to be the center of the artwork and not the background. This custom kit, however, is not suited for images with plenty of subjects such as family photos and landscapes.

A Custom Crush Brush Style Paint By Numbers

Custom Crush Brush Style PBN

    3.  Diamond Paint by Numbers:

One of the different ways to enjoy your PBN kits is to turn them into a diamond paint by numbers kit. This hobby kit combines two of the most favorite pastime hobbies of people recently–cross-stitching and painting by numbers. Diamond painting is just as simple as doing your regular PBN kit. All you have to do is to match the diamond by the code/number in the canvas. The kit provides everything you need to start with this new potential hobby of yours– a sticky canvas marked with contours and codes/numbers, a collection of diamonds and rhinestones needed for the painting, and a diamond brush as shown in the photo below. The great part about this kit? You’ll be the one who’ll select the image and we’ll turn it into a diamond painting canvas for you!

A Painting With Diamonds - Best Diamond Painting Kit

Painting With Diamonds– Best Diamond Painting Kit

    4.  Pop Art Paint by Numbers:

 Vibrant, bold, and colorful. That’s how we usually describe Pop Art, a popular art movement that emerged in the 1950s thanks to Andy Warhol. This style can make the simplest things look like a work of art: from comic strips to simple household objects, and even photographs. Over the past decades, Pop art has been a cultural phenomenon that has been widely used in advertisement posters, graphic designs, and infographics. If you want to try this type of art in the easiest way possible, then consider trying a Custom Pop Art Paint by Numbers. What makes it different from the regular custom kits is that it’s more colorful and lively due to the nature of its style. Definitely, a must-try if you want to add flair to your creativity.

A Make Your Own Pop Art Portrait
Make Your Own Pop Art Portrait

    5.  Sketchy Art Paint by Numbers:

Not all painters can sketch and not all sketchers can paint. If you want a more unique approach to painting by numbers, then this kit is for you. Sketchy art allows you to paint a sketch-like artwork using monochromatic colors. The challenge? Well, it replicates a sketch so the contours are smaller compared to a regular kit. In that way, you can practice your brushwork precision which also gives you the idea of how it’s like to sketch, but with a paintbrush and paint. When selecting an image for this kit, be sure that it’s a single subject photo such as a selfie or a pet portrait because the main star of this artwork is the subject and not the background details.

A Sketch Art Paint by Numbers

Sketch Art Paint by Numbers

Start Your PBN Journey

Isn’t it surprising that there are different ways to enjoy your PBN kits? Well, we’re glad to showcase different art styles that you can learn whenever you purchase something from us. If you love painting by numbers, you should definitely try them all to improve your painting skills and learn some new techniques and styles that you can apply if you decide to paint on a blank canvas later on.

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