Guide on how to train your dog with a leash

Training your dog to use a leash is as important as making a point of buying one. It is an important skill that will give your dog some exercise and also enhance its obedience. When he/she learns how to use a leash, you will be a happy pet owner.
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The success tip for successful training is regularity and patience. Don’t give up when it seems not to do what you want, remember it’s a learning process, where perfection is not achieved immediately. When you do this for some months, you will have an orderly and obedient dog.

However, the efficiency your dog gets out of the training and the time it takes will depend on the method you use. Do you want to learn the best way to train your dog? Then this article is for you, even if you have no idea where to start we got you covered.



It is very important to know the right time to train your dog. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a choice of morning, afternoon, or evening. Here, it’s a matter of timing according to your dog’s daily routine and age. It will not be convenient to train your dog at any time. For example, it would be pointless to train your pet during the time it’s supposed to be sleeping.

This raises the question of when is it right to train your dog? To answer that, we have compiled a list of recommendations for the perfect moment to leash train your dog.

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  1. The moment you get a Leash
    As soon as you get your dog a leash, that’s the beginning of the training process. In most cases, the dog will be uncomfortable having a leash every time. You, therefore, want to train it to walk with it, to follow you when you hold the leash, etc. Doing this will make it adapt to the leash.

  2. After moving to a new environment

    When you relocate to a new place it will be obvious some things will change. Thus, you will need to train your dog in some new areas. This is particularly the case if your dog was already trained as it means your dog will have to unlearn some skills. But that shouldn’t bother you because with time it will be already trained for the new environment.

  3. When training your dog to show good behaviors 
    A dog can adopt many important etiquettes after it makes a wrong move, but this depends on how you will respond. In the same way, we learn lessons from our mistakes, dogs also learn a lot. You should, therefore, be a good teacher and show your dog the right way to do something, when it does something wrong. These mammals are very intelligent creatures and will learn what is given to them as an alternative. This will instill in them good behaviors.

  4. During adulating times

    From a puppy to a dog, there are some behaviors the dog will need to learn and unlearn. Thus, this will be the right time to do some training. Train it with the important traits it should possess in this new phase of life.


Dog with leash in the mouth


In a previous article, we looked at the common types of dog leashes that you can choose for your pet. You can consider them for your training purpose. These types are standard dog leash, hands-free dog leash, slip leads for dogs, and martingale leashes.

You will have to do some research on the type that suits your dog best. A simple guideline that should lead you in this is:

  1. Check whether your dog is comfortable wearing the leash.
  2.  Be sure the leash is compatible with the dog collar that you are using.
  3. Consider the effectiveness of the leash for you to work with it.
  4. Check whether the leash fits on your dog.

If the dog leash fits all the above attributes, then it will be a convenient choice to go with. Don’t be fooled by the stylish look, but focus more on the quality. If you are not sure which one to go with check the features of the the hands-free dog leash. The leash has had many positive reviews and will be a good option. 


To perfectly train your dog using a leash, you will have to be intentional and consistent. You need to keep in mind that training is not a one-day program. Your pet will need to run new skills thus, it will need your determination and commitment.

It will not be easy, but with a good plan, I assure you within a few months, you will be enjoying the results. Here is a step-by-step training guide that will help you achieve great results.

1. Familiarizing it with a leash 
The first step is to introduce and familiarize the dog with the leash. At this moment, you already know the leash that suits your dog. Take it and attach it to the collar of the dog. Then, give the pet some time to adapt the leash.

2. Start teaching it some basics
Now, you can do some simple training like obedience and socializing commands. The best way is to walk around with your pet. You can walk with it around your home or the yard. Don’t be harsh on it when it refuses to move.

Lady running with dog

3.Use small rewards
Rewards can be a very good way to train the dog. Take some chewable treats and throw them some distance away. Then, let your buddy run and pick them. Do so at different points, one by one and allow them to have fun looking for the treats.

4. Do some running and jogging
Thinking of hide and seek? That can be a good idea. Do some running and let the dog follow you. Do this while holding the leash backward. In case you feel like you are pulling the dog, stand and let the dog remain there. This will teach them that pulling will not lead anywhere.

5. Stop any bad behavior
Whenever you see any bad behavior, stop it as soon as possible. For example, if it pees or poops everywhere, you will have to train it in the right place to do that.

6. Be consistent when walking and training your dog on a leash
As we have continued to emphasize, consistency is key. Therefore, be sure to train the dog frequently. You can also have a bell that you will be ringing anytime you’re starting the training. With time, your pet will know the bell indicates the start of a new session.



A trained dog is equal to an obedient and friendly dog that is comfortable with being called a pet. To do this, ensure proper training for your dog using the above techniques. Let it be a routine and after any new skill you instill in it, be sure you let the dog apply it in everyday life.

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