Choosing the right Dog water bottle vs bowl

Water bottles and water bowls for dogs are equally important items for every pet owner. They make it easy to give your dog water at all times. This keeps it hydrated and makes it easier for your buddy to digest food. Whether traveling with your pet or at home, the major concern is to effectively give your dog water. This is the idea that comes with water bowls and bottles. You will find them simple to use and will also be hygienic for your pup.
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But, the big questions that arise are how do these items work? How can you use them efficiently? What are the benefits of each? These are important questions you ought to ask yourself when considering buying one. Better yet, these are the important questions you need to ask yourself after buying these items to ensure you are using them correctly.
To make the right decision for your furry pet, you need to have information regarding these bottles and bowls. This article is all about that. It will help you appreciate the use of water bottles and bowls. Later in the article, there will be a section to discuss the comparison between the two in order to help you choose the best one.

Dog Water Bottle

Like for humans, water bottles are essential for dogs. This is especially true when traveling as they come in handy when providing water for the pet. These bottles are similar to those used by people with the only difference being that they have added features to suit the dog. The bottle comes in many designs depending on the unique needs a pet owner wants to meet.

Dog eating from a bowl

Choosing a dog water bottle is easy when you know the features to look for. It is important to note some bottles are stronger than others, some are more portable, while some have a larger capacity than others. It’s therefore upon the buyer to choose the right one for their puppy. Here are key features to look at in water bottles for dogs;


What amount of water will the bottle hold? Is that enough for your dog? Will it be enough for that hike you are planning to have during the weekend? The bottle you choose should meet these needs. It should have a convenient capacity that will at least give you a chance to refill before it’s empty.

The best recommendation is to choose a larger bottle for the large breeds that consume a lot of water. For the small breeds, a medium-sized bottle will do. When using it around your home, a bigger capacity might not come under serious consideration.


Ensure the bottle is leak-proof to avoid water leakage. Oftentimes, you will find bottles with single or double locks for preventing leakage. Ensure the bottle you buy is fitted with a durable lock. Water continuously dripping in your backpack can cause damage. Thus, avoid bottles without locks.

Dog drinking water

Ease of Cleaning

In most instances, water bottles get dirty easily because they get into many dirty places and need cleaning on a regular basis. That’s why you need to choose a bottle that is simple to clean. Then, to avoid damage, check on the label of the bottle to see the necessary ways to clean it.
Other features to look at are

  • Durability
  • Material (Either plastic or stainless steel)
  • Assure safety
  • The purpose
  • Portability

Dog water Bowls

In the same way, there are dog food bowls and water bowls. These are useful for holding water for the dog to drink at home. There are a lot of similarities between food bowls and water bowls. The only difference is that the water bowl has to be better designed in order to avoid water leakage. Moreover, there are added features to ensure that it helps to regulate the water intake of the dog.

Puppy drinking from a water bottle

In some cases, using a bowl for both food and water can be a good alternative. But, this is unorderly and unhealthy for the puppy. This can cause a lot of complications and that’s why water bowls are very necessary. When choosing the best bowl there are important considerations to make. Here is the list:


There are different materials used to create water containers for dogs. The common ones are plastic and stainless steel. These materials are suitable for different occasions. The plastic one is a great option when you want a cheap bowl, but it’s not convenient for messy dogs. The stainless steel bowl is slightly expensive but it is more durable. Thus, depending on your budget, go for the one that suits you.


We have small, medium, and large water bowl sizes. This classification is done depending on the dog’s water intake. If you own the large furry pet breed, you need to go for an equivalent bigger bowl. This will ensure it finds taking in water conveniently. Remember that when a dog is struggling to take the water you provided, the nearest option will be for it to give up. Because you don’t want that to happen, you should consider the size.



The shape is also a key consideration, and the common ones are circular, raised, and shallow bowls. These bowls are useful for different uses. You need to match the right bowl depending on the dog’s need. You should also check the space that is available for the bowl.

Water bottles vs Water Bowls

Ash dog

These two items have almost the same design though different functions. Water bottles are commonly used for outdoor purposes or when you want to quickly give the dog some water. But at times, you want the water to remain there so that they take it at their own time. This is where the water bowls come in. 


Water bottles and water bowls are useful items for every dog owner. Each of them is efficient for different occasions. But having the both of them is better so that you can swiftly interchange the two when a need arises.

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