PBN: What Is Paint-By-Numbers

Lately, a lot of ads about paint-by-number kits have been popping up on our newsfeed. From pictures of dogs to imitation videos of Starry Night by Van Gogh, we’ve seen a range of these kits. In this article, we answer the question, “what is paint-by-numbers?” 

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We see a lot of ads about paint-by-number kits, but before we take out our wallets to get our own, we have to ask, “what is paint-by-numbers?” It’s easy enough to look up the meaning of this in the dictionary, but we also want to understand why so many people are hyping these kits up. 

It’s amazing to see that these kits are going strong because we can see ourselves enjoying these kits until we’re 80. We know a lot of people are still skeptical about these kits, but we hope that telling you about the basics of paint-by-number kits is helpful. 

A lot of people need healthy outlets, and as far as hobbies go, we think that these painting kits have more health benefits than any potential concerns, which is why we advocate for them.

Getting into it may be difficult at first, but like all things, you can only get better with time. If you are looking into getting into art as a hobby, we think you should consider getting a paint-by-numbers kit for yourself to try it out. 

Let us know what you think about these kits in the comment box below and give us feedback!

History of Paint-By-Number Kits

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Before we give you an answer to “what is paint-by-numbers?”, we’re going to give you a history of paint-by-numbers kits. We are going to give you a brief history of these paintings.

These kits were first produced when Max Klein commissioned Detroit-based artist, Dan Robbins to produce professional art kits that included paint by Klein company to sell more paint from their line. At first, it was a challenge for Robbins, but when he observed the teaching style of Leonardo Da Vinci, he was able to produce a prototype for paint-by-number kits. 

For a while, these kits experienced a lull, and since then, most companies that produce these kits are coming up with the best designs, which is why we understand the hype around them now.

Paint-by-number kits for adults are relatively new because most of these kits were produced for entertaining kids, but now that there are kits for adults, we’re happy to see the improvement in the quality of these kits. 

What Is Paint-By-Numbers?

A photo of acrylic tube paints with a paint brush and other art supplies

Now that we have a summarized history of paint-by-numbers, we’re going to answer the question, “what is paint-by-numbers.” By definition, these are kits that have a guide that allows you to produce professional images without the skill of professional painters. 

Basically, paint-by-number kits are coloring books that are colored in with acrylic paint rather than coloring pencils, crayons, or pastels. These kits are easy to use and easy to do, and with some time and practice, we expect that you’ll be able to learn basic techniques like blending and layering colors. 

With that, we can tell you that these kits are great if you want to learn how to paint, but aren’t able to learn the techniques from art class. However, you should be patient with yourself if you want to learn how to paint because these things take time. 

If you want to take up arts as a hobby, we do suggest that you get into this first and then transition to your paintings.


A photo of opened tubed acrylic paint with covered paint brush

Now that we’ve answered the question, “what is paint-by-numbers?”, we hope that you have a clearer idea of these kits, and it can help you decide if you want to try them out. We believe that there’s no harm in trying these kits out, and if you don’t like it, then that isn’t a problem. 

We love paint-by-number kits and we think that you will too. We enjoy seeing people get into these kits, which is why we think you should try them out. Let us know what you think about these kits in our comment box or through email. 

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