The BPBN Images You Should Try for Your Next Painting Activity

Keeping yourself sane during this time of pandemic is very important. Hence, you shouldn’t forget the term “self-care;” it’s for your good, physically, mentally, and emotionally. For many people, self-care is going to salons, out for a facial, binge-watching TV shows and movies, as well as stress-eating. Self-care could mean almost anything so long as it’s not destructive. Thus, many people forget the joyous effects creativity can bring to a person. Have you ever tried buying scrapbook materials or other art supplies and planned to be more creative? Doing crafty and artistic things aren’t just social media-worthy because you get to post them as well as gain attention, it’s also good for your mental health and stimulates your senses.

A photo of a person holding a black brush and a painting of an apple

Many people have been trying Paint by Number kits as a self-care hobby. Indulging in a painting by numbers kit provides many brain-boosting benefits while keeping you sane with all the craziness happening in the world lately. Color by color, number by number, and segment by segment–that’s how a simple painting by numbers is. Ready to change your day one color at a time? Let’s look at some of the best Paint by Numbers Images that you can paint for your next quarantine activity.

Aspects to Consider When Buying a Paint by Numbers Kit

Before you get started, you need to have your Paint by Numbers kit. But not just regular, shabby kits. You need to have a kit that has a high quality so that the results wouldn’t be compromised. What should you consider when buying a kit? Let’s take a look.

    1.  Difficulty level of the Paint by Numbers Images:

This aspect is very important, especially if it’s your first time trying out a Paint by Numbers kit. One of the main goals of a painting by numbers is to reduce your stress, and not add to it. Though technically, this kit does not require technical skills in painting, it could be difficult and overwhelming for you to finish a kit that has lots of colors and segments on the canvas. Hence, choosing a kit appropriate for your kit will make it easier for you to finish your kit without stressing you out.

A white green and red floral textile picture

    2.  Condition of the materials:

As mentioned earlier, you don’t want to compromise the results of your artwork due to some shabby quality materials. Hence, you should invest in a kit that has high-quality materials for promising outcomes. Purchase a kit from a trusted Paint by Numbers store just like Best Paint by Numbers— a trusted PBN company with over hundreds, if not thousands of fixed design kits and different varieties of Custom Paint by Numbers options.

    3.  Design or the Paint by Numbers Images:

Of course, you would want something unique and remarkable, something that fits the aura of your home. Whilst minding the difficulty level of the kit, choose an aesthetically pleasing image. If you’re aiming for a more unique painting, try Custom Paint by Numbers instead. That way, your favorite image is turned into a painting.

A photo of color palette and a variety colored painting

The Best Paint by Numbers Images Ideas

    1.  Pet Portrait, but make it Brush-Crush Style:

Want to add a modern flair to your painting? Then trying a new, modern style is perfect for you. This is not just an ordinary painting. It’s a crush-brush style that can add colors to your wall with every added bright pigment and bold stroke that you make on the canvas. This style is perfect for a pet portrait or a favorite selfie of yourself or your favorite person. We do not recommend sending an image that has too much clutter in the background because you would want to emphasize the subject with this style.

A custom brush style paintingCustom Crush-Brush Paint by Numbers, for only $59.99 USD

    2.  Cafe Terrace at Night by Vincent van Gogh:

Yes, your favorite Van Gogh artworks are now available as paint by numbers canvases that you can paint. One of the Van Gogh Paint by Numbers Images that you can replicate is the 1888 oil on canvas artwork called Cafe Terrace at Night. A picturesque view in Arles caught upon the spectator’s view full of contrasting tones and colors of blue and yellow. 

If you’re a big fan of Van Gogh, you might want to see our wide array of paint by numbers images inspired by the painter.

A cafe terrace at night by van gogh paintingCafe Terrace at Night for only $28.95 USD

Paint your own photo with a paint by numbers custom kit

    3.  Tea Time with Flowers:

This image is a beautiful floral still-life dominated by the colors pink and green these contrasted by warm tones. It is a perfect balance of textures, intricate details, sophisticated draping, and rich colors. Tea Time with Flowers is a perfect paint by numbers image for those artists wanting to improve their artistic skills with a quite difficult painting kit. Due to the intricate design of this image, this painting kit takes time to finish, so you need to be extra patient with this one.

A tea time with flower paintingTea Time with Flowers, for only $28.95 USD

     4.  Sunset at the Beach:

Who doesn’t love the beach? We know how much you love traveling to the beach, watching the waves and the sunset as you reflect on how wonderful life is, so why not bring the beach into your home by painting a beach scene? This kit is perfect for you if you like blue hues, serene nature views, and everything in between. Thus, this kit will teach you a thing or two about blending. Though blending is not entirely necessary, the finished outcome would look more aesthetically pleasing if you blend the hard edges and certain parts to create a great color transition.

A sunset at the beach paintingSunset at the Beach, for only $28.95 USD


No matter which Paints by Numbers Images you choose, we hope that you have fun painting your own PBN kit. Tell us what kit you decided to paint and don’t forget to post a photo to show off your artistic skills. Thus, frame and varnish your finished painting so that you can display it anywhere in your home. It’s also great as a kit for a loved one, too!

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