PBN 101: What Makes Color Pop PBN Different?

Multiple companies are advertising paint-by-number kits because of their benefits for adults, but today we want to talk about what makes color pop PBN different from standard paint-by-number kits. 

A photo of a multi colored diamond shaped resin

Paint-by-numbers has risen to popularity around the same time adult coloring books and coloring apps came into fruition. Since then, we’ve seen multiple varieties of coloring activities come into the picture. One of the most popular kits is color pop PBN, and while these kits sound similar to the standard kits, they’re not the same.

In this article, we’re going to talk about what makes color pop PBN different from standard paint-by-number kits. We know that the standard kits are already a great activity, but some companies wanted to take things to the next level and decided that these kits needed a more colorful makeover.

However, we’ve noticed that these kits aren’t selling out as quickly as standard kits, and we want to know why. We already agree that normal paint-by-number kits are fun, but let’s face it. These kits can get old, and sometimes the colors aren’t as vivid as we’d like them to be.

With that, we think that a lot of people would enjoy color pop paint-by-number kits because they’re colorful, they’re fun, and they can also be customized.

Would you be daring enough to try the colorful alternative? Let us know in the comments down below!

What Are Color Pop Paint-By-Number Kits

A painting depicting architectural buildings with a road and tree leaves

Before we get into what makes color pop PBN different, we want to give you a brief rundown of what these kits are. Standard paint-by-number kits are kits that have a predetermined background.

A color-pop PBN kit is something that doesn’t have a neutral background, but rather a stark background and a neutral subject. This makes for more contrasted images, which we think is a great pop of color in a home.

In a way, these color-pop kits have the same style as comics, which is fun if you like that art style. However, we also know that more people are pleased with images that don’t feel tiring to look at. 

It can be a little intimidating at first, but when you try color-pop PBN, there’s a certain excitement to see it done. We know that a lot of people prefer classic paint-by-number kits, but we know that this is a new thing for everyone to try.

What Makes Color Pop PBN Different? 

A pop art illustration of Andy Warhol

Most standard paint-by-number kits are acrylic-based but have water-color painting vibes. While that’s pleasant, it doesn’t do much for people who enjoy louder colors. We’re going to list 
what makes color-pop PBN different from your standard acrylic paint-by-numbers kit.

  1. The painting isn’t as detailed: With color-pop PBN kits, you focus more on the pops of color in the image rather than the small details. While there’s still some shading and blending needed to define some areas, you’ll find that it’s not as crucial with these kinds of kits.

  2. It gives off Andy Warhol Vibes: A lot of people are big fans of classic paintings like Leonardo Da Vinci, or Pablo Picasso, but other people are big fans of comic books. If you’re part of the demographic of comic books, then you may want to try color-pop paintings.

  3. It gives off more modern vibes: Watercolor and acrylic paint can be fascinating because of how soft and muted the art turns out to be. With color-pop PBN kits, you get a more modern vibe. 

Important Key Takeaways

A graffiti street art painted by an artist

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what makes color pop PBN different, we hope you consider this kit for yourself. We always enjoy these kits when we want something a little more fun, which is why we think they’re worth a try.

If you’re a big fan of comic book styles, then this might be something you’ll enjoy trying. Or, you can give it to a friend who is a fan of Andy Warhol.

We love color pop PBN because of the contrast it gives to our neutral walls. Let us know if you’re interested in trying this kit.

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