Why Your Dogs Shouldn’t Play With Plastic Bottles

All dogs love to chew when they’re puppies, and while some dogs enjoy playing with water bottles, this may not be safe for them. This is to answer the question, “are water bottles bad for dogs?” Read on to find out more.

Dog with toy in the mouth

When you adopt a dog, one of the most important things to remember is that dogs go through a teething phase similar to infants; and this can often result in the chewing up of toys, beds, shoes, and other things that can relieve the pain. A common question new dog owners ask is “are water bottles bad for dogs?” The short answer is yes, but we will cover the reasons why you shouldn’t let your dogs play with plastic bottles. 

If you’re looking for toys that give similar sounds to plastic bottles, you will find some stores that produce these. Letting dogs play with plastic bottles can have detrimental effects, especially if the dog is playing with them unsupervised. 



There are a lot of chew toys with different designs to cater to dogs who have different tastes. However, we can’t deny that dogs enjoy playing with plastic bottles because they’re satisfying to toss around, and they make different sounds compared to your standard squeak toy.

If your dog enjoys the sensation of playing with water bottles, you should know the risks of allowing them to play with bottles rather than a chew toy that is made for them.

Dog chewing


  1. They can choke on the plastic cap: The bottle cap on normal PET bottles can come loose while a dog is playing with it, and they can choke on it. If you don’t monitor your dog closely, they can die if they choke on a bottle cap; which is why you should remove any plastic that can pop off if they’re playing.

  2. They can wound themselves on sharp edges: When plastic breaks, the edges tend to be jagged and sharp; and this can cause damage to your dog if left unsupervised. If you notice that the bottle they’re playing with is broken, take it away from them before they get injured.

  3. The bottle can get stuck in their mouths: One of the main worries when it comes to dogs playing with water bottles is that they might choke on the cap, but what happens when the whole bottle gets stuck in their jaw? Some dogs try to fit whole toys in their mouth, and when those get stuck, it’s not easy to take out. The worst part of getting water bottles stuck in a dog’s mouth is that they’re not as easy to grip on because plastic gets slimy easily, and this can cause major discomfort in your dog.

While there are more reasons to not let your dogs play with water bottles; we hope this answers your question of “are water bottles bad for dogs.” We generally discourage letting any dog play with water bottles, and if you’re the type to let them chew on old water bottles; we hope you at least supervise them while doing this.   


Key Takeaways:  

If you find yourself asking “are water bottles bad for dogs,” the answer is yes. When it comes to your dog, you need to take care of them and make sure you have the toys they need to get through their teething phase.

While it may seem easy to give them a water bottle and let them do their thing, this has long-term effects which are not easy to deal with. The first thing you should prioritize with your dog is their safety, and we have already established that letting dogs play with water bottles is not the best thing.

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