Types of dog bowls and their uses

Food and water are essentials for any dog. They are the key determiners of the dog’s health status. That’s why you need not only to provide, but also ensure it feeds on a conducive surface. At times the dog can fail to drink or eat because of how you present the nourishments. This is because of using the wrong feeding container. The best-proven solution for this is to always use recommended types of dog bowls.
Bulldog with a dog bowl

A dog bowl should not just be a container for the dog to drink or eat from. It should also factor in the other needs of a dog like hygiene. This will ensure proper nutrition and continued health for the pet. Dog bowls should also be convenient to ensure the dog feeds on everything. You don’t want to come back later to collect leftovers.

There are many types of dog bowls available on the market. This is to cater to the needs of various dogs. Some dogs are fast feeders, slow eaters, chaotic feeders, and scheduled feeding masters. All these dogs will need a bowl to suit them. Therefore, you have to ensure you choose the right bowl.

This article will be about the various types of dog bowls and their uses. This will help you to choose the right bowl for your dog.


Factors to consider when choosing a dog bowl

Before we look at the types of dog bowls, it is good to lay a foundation for what to consider in a bowl. This is due to the many bowls in the market, and for a fact, not all the bowls are expedient. Here are key factors to help you choose the right bowl.

Three dogs with food bowls
  • The feeding speed of the dog – Dogs have different feeding speeds as some are fast, while others are slow eaters. You need to consider the traits of your dog. This will ensure you make the right decision when choosing its feeding bowl.
  • The bowl size – Size is very important. You should choose the right size depending on the size of the dog. Different dogs grow to different sizes. Choosing the right bowl will ensure your dog feeds well. It is bad when the dog refuses to eat because it’s fed using the wrong feeding bowl.
  • Material and durability – For the sake of cost-saving and efficiency, you need to check the durability of the bowl. A durable bowl should be made from sturdy materials. This will ensure that in any condition the bowl is safe.
  • Ease of cleaning – When choosing the type of dog bowl, cleaning is a vital factor to look at. The vessel you choose should be easy to clean. This will guarantee hygiene and reduce the time for cleaning.
Dog with 2 food bowls

The types of dog bowls & their uses

Dog bowls come in different specifications. This ranges from different colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. While some features are for decoration, others are vital in that they determine the ease of feeding. This is why you need to be attentive when choosing one, but for you to choose, there is a need to know the different types of pet bowls. Here is a list of the common types of dog bowls and their uses.

Dog bowl


If you want a cheap and readily available dish, then the plastic bowl is a good choice. The bowl is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. This makes it easy to choose your preference. Moreover, it is convenient for many dogs and does not have side effects. Their lightweight nature is perfect for carrying around. The downside is that they get scratched easily which can accrue bacteria.


The bowl is generally useful for simple feeding indoors with minimal movement where it won’t get scratches.


The bowl features a programmable design that spills food to the dog at different times. This bowl is useful for pet owners with tight schedules. This is to ensure when you forget to feed your dog, it still gets fed. It is good to train your dog to get used to the correct feeding time.

There is also a manual design that spills food into the feeding area as the pets continue to feed. This is an opportune design that minimizes food wastage. When the dog is full, the remaining feeds remain in the container for later consumption.


The auto-feeding bowl is useful for feeding the dog automatically at a given time. Furthermore, you can use it to save on the cost by utilization of dog feeds.

Dog food in bowl


This is for you if your dog struggles to bend to eat from floor bowls. This is particularly the case for large dogs. In such cases, the elevated down bowls are the best. The bow is raised to keep the dog from straining the neck. In most cases, it’s a stand that has a removable bowl on the top. This allows you to customize the setup with any type of bowl.

When buying this, you need to factor in the one that fits perfectly with your dog. Ensure it won’t tip over, especially for the messy and fast eaters.


This is the best for the big doggies that have problems bending down to reach food. You can also use it for an injured dog.

Double dog bowl


For the love of hiking and traveling with your dog, this one is the best bowl that you should consider purchasing. The portable bowl is easy to carry around. What makes it portable is the compressible design that allows you to carry it around without occupying a large surface. The bowls come in different options as well.


The bowl is good for feeding your pet when on road trips, hikes, or any travel adventure. It is easy to transport in such situations.

Stainless dog bowl


This is a cost-effective bowl that is made with top-quality steel materials. This makes it unlikely to break when dropped on surfaces. They tend to be lightweight and the surface of the bowl is a non-sliding material. This is important to keep the bowl from slipping or sliding. Moreover, the bowl is easy to clean, preventing the presence of bacteria.


Stainless bowls are a perfect choice for feeding messy dogs and to keep them from breaking the bowl.


A few furry mammals like to take down their food in a matter of seconds. While this is a good thing, it can be dangerous for dogs as it exposes them to bolts. This can cause complications. To avoid that, the slow feeding bowls come with a unique design. It has projections that separate the food, making the dog take only a sizable amount at a time. These bowls come in different forms.


The bowl is useful for fast eaters that are prone to bolts. The bowl conditions the dog’s speed to make it eat small amounts at a time.

Puppy with a bowl


There are different types of bowls you can choose from. These bowls are convenient for different scenarios. You can consider your favorite choice that corresponds to the above uses. The best dog bowl for your pet will be the one that matches its feeding speed and size. Moreover, consider your availability to feed it or whether you want to have it fed alone.

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