Turn Your Favorite Memory into a Color Pop Art Painting

Painting by numbers is an art kit beloved by millions of people around the world ever since this favorite pastime hobby was invented in the 1950s. Thanks to this kit, beginner artists are finally able to paint with confidence. Moreover, this project is 100% fool-proof, as long as you follow the simple instruction: match the number according to its corresponding colors.
A multi colored pop art of a parrot


Beginner painters and craft enthusiasts love Paint by Numbers kits. As a result, thousands of designs are being made and so far, the most popular innovation for this type of kit is the Custom Paint by Numbers wherein your favorite photo will be printed on the canvas for you to paint. At Best Paint by Numbers, we also offer different custom art styles for added twist! In this article, we will feature our Custom Color Pop Painting kits and include reasons why you should try it.

The pandemic may have made your life a little monotonous. You’re most likely to be contained in your house, your world is the size of your bedroom, and you pretty much switch from one gadget to another every 2-3 hours. If these descriptions sound fitting to you,  getting a new hobby wouldn’t hurt a pinch. Try something new, maybe paint your favorite selfie, or a favorite photo with your loved one, or even a portrait of your beloved pet! But here’s the twist: instead of making the photo into a conventional painting, let it stand out by making the colors pop even more!

Sounds hard? Well, it wouldn’t be if you make it into a Custom Color Pop Paint by Numbers canvas! Don’t know how? Best Paint by Numbers will do it for you!

Make it Color Pop!: How to Turn Your Photo into a Paint by Numbers Canvas

A multi colored pop art of a cat


  1. Click here to go directly to the product link.
  2. Select your favorite photo that you want to paint (a guide on how to select the ideal photo for Custom Paint by Numbers will also be discussed later).
  3. Upload your photo by clicking this button on the page:

 Upload     4.  Pay at the checkout and wait for the product to be delivered right at your            doorstep.

     5.  Go paint and indulge yourself in the activity!

Color Pop Art PBN Kit Inclusions

 A Printed canvas, brushes and paint pots



Each kit includes the following:

  1. A high-quality 40 x 50 cm (16 x 20 inch) pre-printed canvas 
  2. A set of acrylic paint
  3. Three basic brushes– 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large
  4. The latest Best Paint by Numbers eBook! 

Of course, we want to make sure that artists like you will have a smooth experience with our kits. That is why everything in the kit is ready to use! Which means that there is no need for you to prime the canvas or pre-mix the acrylic paint. Everything is good to go and all you have to do is relax and paint the stress and boredom away!

A Quick Guide on Selecting the Ideal Image for your Color Pop Art Painting

To achieve maximum results, you need to make sure that the photo you submit to us is extraordinary. Here are some tips in selecting the image perfect for your Custom Color Pop painting:

  1. This Custom Color Pop Art painting is best for close-up images–select a close-up photo that focuses on the subject instead of a far-away shot.
  2. Make sure that the image is in high resolution, for a minimum of 500 pixels.
  3. Since the canvas size is 40×50 cm, consider an aspect ratio of 10:8.

Key Insights

Pop art is one of the most well-known artistic movements during this modern time. Thanks to Paint by Numbers kits, painting this art style couldn’t be any easier. Do you know that painting by numbers is not just a pastime hobby that can eliminate your boredom? It can also reduce your stress and anxiety. Moreover, it is a perfect gift for your loved ones during any occasion–whether you give it as a kit or a finished artwork painted by you. Grab your own Custom Pop Art PBN kit today and make your life even more colorful! 

Don’t forget to frame when you’re done and display it somewhere in your home to keep the memory alive. Happy painting!

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