The Top 10 Signs That Show Your Dog is Truly Happy


How do you know if your dog is happy? This is a question that every pet owner asks themselves. Knowing this will not only make you a happy owner but will also let you know when your dog is happy. Moreover, it makes you aim to keep your dog happy. Dogs will not express emotions as humans do. So in this article, let’s find out how you will know if your dog is in a good mood. Today, we will be showing you the top 10 signs that show your dog is truly happy.


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Many signs will tell you that your dog is happy, especially when you are around. A dog will often show this through different body signs, behaviors, or even through their sociability. If you want to feel happier, then learning signs that show your dog is truly happy will make you a happy pet owner.

Here are 10 signs that will show that indeed your furry pet is happy:

1. Having lots of sleep
A happy and healthy dog can sleep for up to 15 hours. Lack of sleep is a sign of stress. Moreover, dogs are happy when they have trust in their environment. This will lead to the tendency of them sleeping frequently. Thus, if your dog is having lots of sleep, that’s a clear sign of a stressless dog.

2. Rapidly wagging tail
This is one of the most well-known signs that your dog is happy. In the process of wagging their tail, they wag their whole body. This happens mostly when your buddy sees you or generally anything else that it likes.

3. Enjoys playtime
What else would show happiness than a playful dog?  Happy dogs enjoy playtime, they even want to play anytime they see you. They even get happier when they see anything related to their playtime. For example, when it sees you getting a leash, the message becomes I am sure of some outdoor playtime’’.


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4. Healthy appetite
This may seem to be a common occurrence in your dog when feeding it, but it’s not. A happy dog will have a healthy appetite. But, when they’re unhappy, it can be challenging for them to eat. Your buddy may even pour away the food as a sign of lack of interest.

5. Turning up the belly
A happy dog will expose its belly to you. This shows they trust you and are happy around you. This posture can mean the dog needs to get a belly rub. When you rub their belly, your buddy may slightly open its mouth to show happiness and contentment.


White dog

6. Dancing & Jumping
Anytime you see your dog engaging in some funny dances, it is a clear sign the dog cannot contain its happiness. It also tends to jump up and down. When you see this, you can be sure your dog is truly happy.

7.  Friendly towards others
Your dog being friendly towards others is a sign that your dog is truly happy. If your dog does not react aggressively towards other people and pets, this shows it’s in a good mood. At this moment, it can socialize openly with others.


Group of people with a dog


8. A relaxed body
When you see your dog is relaxed in its posture, this indicates the dog is feeling good. Soft eyes and loose shoulders are additional signs when they’re relaxed. Without any tension, it is an indication that the dog feels secure and there is nothing that is stressing them. Most of these signs are common when your buddy is in a safe environment.

9. They frequently lean on you
A happy dog will enjoy your company and will lean on you. They will seek your attention and will follow you wherever you go. This is the best thing a pet owner will feel. That moment when the dog rests on your body. When you are seated, it will tend to come close to you.


Couple with dog


10. Floppy ears
The ears will fall and rest against their head. Contrary to this, if their ears are pinned back, this is a symptom of a stressed pooch. Note that this happens naturally and not due to any other external factor. Thus, be sure your dog is not experiencing any ear problems.



In an aim to know more regarding your dog’s personality, it is good to know when they are happy. This is a great indication of your pet’s general state of mind and it makes you a proud pet owner. That’s why you need to know how to determine when your dog is happy. These signs have been discussed above. When you see any of the above signs in your dog, you ought to be proud of your furry pet.

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