Key Features to Look for in a Dog Water Bottle

Keeping their beloved dogs hydrated outdoors is one of the challenges dog owners face every time they’re outside with their furry pals. We all know this struggle as a pet owner. It is just as difficult to bring a separate water bowl and a regular water bottle in order to keep your dog hydrated outside. But a wonderful solution exists to answer your problem: a portable dog water bottle that is convenient for carrying and packed with different features all in one bottle. With all the different types out there, it is sometimes overwhelming to choose which one is the best for your dog. So in this article, let’s take a look at the key features to consider in a dog water bottle. Come and have a quick read before you decide which type and brand you should purchase.

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Many owners love to travel, run, hike, and do other fun outdoor activities with their furry companions. Apart from keeping yourself hydrated, you also need to watch your dog’s water level, so allowing them to drink water on a frequent basis will help in avoiding unwanted circumstances such as fatigue and heat stroke.

The challenge of bringing regular water bottles is that they require you to bring a separate bowl so that your dog can drink properly and water will not be put to waste. Such can be a hassle, especially if you will commute and if you only intend to carry a bag large enough to accommodate your other needs. So, if you want to lessen the things that you bring when going outside with your dog, consider opting for a dog water bottle.

Of course, you can’t just buy any dog bottle, you need to buy something that will make your purchase worth it so before making a decision, check if the bottle has the key features to look for in a dog water bottle.

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Let’s Answer the Question: What are the Key Features to Look for in a Dog Water Bottle?

Read on below to find out more!

1. Portability:

Your goal is to bring less things in order to diminish the weight you’re carrying on your back, literally. In that sense, it is very important to remember that you should consider buying a water bottle that is convenient for you to carry. Something that has a sleek and portable design and allows you to carry the bottle with utmost convenience. 

2. Capacity:

Also, opt for something that is voluminous enough; a bottle that can hold a lot of water so that you don’t have to refill in different areas on a frequent basis. However, when considering the capacity of the water bottle, you need to know that the portability of the bottle will be compromised considering that the dispenser will hold more water than those water bottles with a small and portable design. In that case, the features to look for in a dog water bottle really depends on your unique needs and your dog’s breed. So when your dog is a large breed, choose capacity over portability.

3. Safety:

When it comes to the safety of dog water bottles, you need to check the materials they are made of. Make sure that the product is made of high-quality materials. If possible, look for something that is an anti-bacterial food grade ABS material, FDA Approved, Lead and BPA-FREE material. That way, you can ensure that your dog’s water is not being contaminated by harmful chemicals from the product’s materials. 

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4. Durability:

This is a very important feature, especially if your dog has the habit of breaking things when your eyes are not keen on them. Thus, if you don’t want to regret spending your money on a water bottle, choose something that will last long, and can withstand the test of time. Doing this can save you money in the long run because you don’t have to buy another one again and again if it breaks often. Choose high-quality water bottles, especially the ones that can withstand heat if you want to use a dishwasher when cleaning the bottle after usage. 

5. Affordability:

Not all water bottles are made cheap– most cheap bottles have cheap quality though it does not necessarily mean that expensive ones are of highest quality, either. When it comes to the price, try to compare prices from every store and brand and see which one fits your budget. Check customer reviews if you need extra help on this as well. If you do your research correctly, you will definitely find a dog water bottle that is affordable, durable, and can meet the demands of you and your dog.

6. Special features:

Perhaps the most important features to look for in a dog water bottle is the added special designs that make the water bottle more functional, unique, and attentive to your dog’s needs! Look for water dispensers that have a leak-proof design, a big mouth opening that can act as a “bowl” for the bottle, ease of use of the bottle, and much more.


The Best Water Bottle Suitable for the Travelling Dog


Miibuddy portable waterbottle.

If you want a dispenser that has every key feature to look for in a dog water bottle, then a portable bottle is perfect for you and your dog. It’s sleek yet spacious design allows dog owners to carry enough water to hydrate their dog with utmost convenience at a very affordable price. It’s convenient, hygienic, safe, easy to use, and leak-proof. So if you want to make travelling more fun with your dog without risking dehydration.

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