The Perfect Gear for Pedal Adventures

Looking for a high quality and pet-friendly backpack that is safe and comfortable for your furry pal? Well, look no more because we show you a perfect dog backpack for biking that is suitable for you and your dog’s outside adventures.

puppy being carried on a bike

Dog backpacks are not only great for your daily adventures outside such as grocery shopping or going to the laundromat, they’re perfect for biking, too! These pet-friendly carriers are safe and hands-free while helping to make sure that your dog is secure and comfortable in its position. Is a dog backpack a must these days? ABSOLUTELY!

Biking with dogs can be quite unsafe as your four-legged friend can suffer from exhaustion when you make them walk alongside you while you’re focused on pedalling and they’re at risk of getting into accidents as well. Risks can be avoided by following safety guidelines and having a dog backpack for biking can be a great solution too.

If you’re looking for a backpack, look for these four things: durability, functionality, comfortability and quality. Not all dog backpacks have those four key factors, so before you decide to buy one, make sure to read the product’s reviews as well as descriptions, and make sure that the backpack is suitable for your dog as well. Later on, we’ll discuss why those four factors are important for a dog backpack.


dogs following owners on bikes

Biking with your dog can be a good exercise for both you and your dog. 

With the right gear and proper knowledge, biking is 100% safe and enjoyable especially when you follow the safety guidelines. 


  1. Make sure that your dog has enough energy and stamina for biking. First ask your vet to know if your dog is compatible for such an exercise. If not, you can always opt for a pet carrier for bikes such as dog backpacks. If your dog is older, biking alongside them is not recommended by most veterinarians. 
  2. Have the right biking gear.
  3. Teach your dog biking cues– the key for safe biking with dogs is preparing. This can be learned through walking exercises first then once your dog is capable enough of following your instructions, you can start biking with caution. 
  4. Pedal at a pace that your dog can keep up with.
  5. Always remember to observe your dog at all times and take a break every once in a while. 
  6. Never forget to bring water for you and your dog when going out for a bike ride. If possible, bring some small treats for your dog just in case she gets hungry.
  7. DO NOT bike along or across busy roads with plenty of cars as the noise may scare your dog. Instead, consider biking in less-travelled areas.
  8. When using a leash, don’t use a regular leash but rather, opt for something that is specifically made for the activity. 


dog on a leash


Dog backpacks come in different sizes so that your dog can fit perfectly inside without worrying about security and comfortability. Thus, it also puts your mind at ease as your dog is 100% safe and sound. Having a dog backpack is very useful for owners who want to bring their pets alongside them but cannot keep up with their pedal pace.

It is important to remember that regular backpacks are not the same with dog backpacks that are specifically made for biking. Why? Because regular backpacks don’t have the same features with pet-friendly bags. Hence, they put your dog in danger.

As mentioned earlier, remember the important factors when selecting a dog backpack: durability, functionality, comfortability and quality.

1. Durability:
Look for a dog backpack that can withstand your dog’s weight and can be used a lot of times, not just once or twice.

2. Functionality:
Make sure that the dog backpack is specifically made for your planned activity. Not all dog backpacks have the same functionality, however, there are some that are multi-purposed.

3. Comfortability:
An ideal dog backpack for biking should be lightweight, yet heavy-duty. It shouldn’t make you and your dog uncomfortable. Make sure that the dog backpack has a comfortable interior and sturdy bottom so that your dog wouldn’t feel bothered sitting as you bike. Having them uncomfortable in the backpack can make your journey dangerous.

4. Quality:
Look for a dog backpack that is made of high-quality materials. Remember, the safety of your dog depends on the quality of the backpack. Make sure that the backpack has proper ventilation and closures, adjustable straps, soft yet sturdy interior. 

miibuddy hands free leash


Though it usually depends on your dog’s age, size and physical capacity, dog experts usually advise owners to limit biking activities by doing it every other day with a maximum distance of two (2) miles or approximately three (3) kilometers.

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