The Common Dog Behavior Problems Every Pet Owner Should Know


Dog behavior problems are common for most dogs and many dog owners tend to attribute these behavior problems to failed training. While this can lead to such behaviors, most furry pets by default have these problems. Failing to understand this means it can be more challenging to overcome the problems because you will focus more on the problem instead of getting a solution to that. If you are a new dog owner or thinking of getting one, you need to know these dog problems. This is the first step to prevent them from exhibiting unpleasant behaviors.


Dog Obedience – Training at Home

Brown dog

A solid foundation to overcome dog behavior problems is obedience training. Let’s look at the common behavior problems so that when you spot them, you will not panic. Instead, you will put more effort into obedience training.


Common Dog Behavior Problems

Here are the common pet behavior problems in dogs:

1. Digging

This is one of the behavior problems that is common to dogs. Almost every dog will do some digging when given a chance and this varies from one breed to another. Terrier breeds are more prone to digging activities. In most cases, the dogs dig because of:

  • Excess energy or boredom
  • Anxiety
  • Fear and a feeling of insecurity
  • Hunting instinct
  • Seeking comfort, especially due to harsh weather

2. Excessive Barking


Brown dog in dark room


It is the nature of dogs to bark at least several times a day, and there is no problem with this. But, unnecessary barking is considered a behavior problem, and this may be unpleasant to every dog owner. To get a solution for this, you must identify the cause of the frequent barking. In most cases it is due to your dog:

  • Wanting raise an alarm/warning
  • Seeking attention
  • Being excited
  • Responding to other dogs
  • Scaring away intruders

3. Inappropriate elimination

This is not only considered a dog behavior problem but also frustrating, and unhygienic. Inappropriate elimination and urination can cause damage to surfaces and areas around your home and makes the dog not fit for public places. As you seek a solution, you need to consult a veterinarian to check whether it’s a health problem. If not, then try out identifying the reason for the problem and apply the necessary solution.

Note that at times, this can be due to failure to set an area for the dog to take the calls of nature. Territory marking can also lead to frequent urination. However, this can be avoided through proper training.


4. Uncontrolled Chewing


Dog with a stick

It is common and natural for dogs to chew. It is good for their health and provides a form of exercise, but the problem comes when there is excessive and unnecessary chewing. This causes destruction when they chew almost everything they have come across. At this point, you need to look for a solution to tame the behavior. Major reasons why dogs chew are:

  • Puppy teething
  • Boredom or anxiety
  • Curiosity, especially for puppies


5. Begging

This is a bad habit that is common in dogs. The funny thing is that most dog owners encourage it. Begging leads to different health issues and obesity. When you give them food every time they beg, it will cause a problem that will be difficult to eradicate. This is why you need to train them early to eradicate such behavior in order to tell them that asking is only for designated areas and at given times.

Moreover, when you are eating, let the dog go to their specific area. If possible, take them to another room far from the dinner table. This will help you avoid that staring look, eventually, it will be easy to keep them from begging.


6. Jumping up and down


White dog jumping


Jumping is a natural behavior that dogs use when they want to seek attention or reach out to something. Puppies will jump mostly when reaching out to their mothers. When the puppies are of age, they do it to greet people or show excitement. This can be annoying at times and dangerous.

Several methods can work to solve this. The best one is to turn away and ignore your furry pet. Then, walk away and don’t make any eye contact. When the pet relaxes, calmly reward them. Within a short time, it will get the message you are trying to convey.  


7. Chasing


Puppy running on grass


Dogs like chasing any moving object they see to show their predatory instincts. Most furry pets will chase other animals, people, etc. All these can cause danger and harm to the dog and those involved. The following measures can prevent danger:

  • Always have your dog on a leash
  • Train your dog to understand the basic obedience commands
  • Devise tips to get your dog’s attention

8. Biting


Dogs fighting


Dogs bite for several reasons, most of which are due to different occurrences in the environment. For puppies, they do this to explore their habitat. It is good to develop bite inhibition in puppies while they are still young. This shows them that biting and mouthing are unacceptable.

These dog behavior problems can also be caused by pain or sickness. You need to inform a vet to assist in coming up with an effective solution.

With proper training, there is a high chance of taming the dog.


Final Remarks

These common dog behavior problems can be a bother if no action is taken. When you see any of the above behavior problems in your pet, that’s an alarm to take the necessary action. But, if you realize your pet is sick resulting from the above behaviors then call your vet immediately.

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