Creativity 101: Why Creative Thinking Is Important

Everyone is born with some form of creativity, and whether they use it or not or pursue a career that thrives on creativity, we can expect that everyone is capable of creativity. Some people worry about not having a creative bone in the body, but it is about unlocking it. In this article, we discuss why creative thinking is important

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In a world where work environments are dull and gray, creativity sheds some light and makes the bleak office work a little more exciting. If you live in a world that’s full of people talking about reports and emails, we’re going to help you understand why creative thinking is important

Many people think that creativity is for jobs like being an artist or sales, but there’s more to creative thinking than artistic talent– it is required if you want to create something remarkable or innovative.

That’s why you should nurture any creative ideas you have because these ideas can make your life a little brighter and lift the spirits when your job seems too boring to go on.

A quote that could further show the importance of creativity is, “you should tell people how to think, not what to think.” Some people fail to realize how creativity helps shape the world, so they usually don’t focus on nurturing this skill.

While we believe that critical and analytical thinking skills are important, we also want you to know the benefits of creative thinking and why it should be nurtured in youth and promoted at work. 

Why Creative Thinking Is Important 

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For a lot of people, creativity may look like coming up with the most artistic ideas, but that’s not always the case. If you’ve heard of the phrase, “think outside the box,” you know that creativity means looking at situations from a different method. 

While applying these uncommon methods may feel strange, they can also give you a different perspective and potentially give you solutions that you may not consider if you stick to regular methods of figuring things out. Such is why creative thinking is important.

What Is Creative Thinking?

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According to the dictionary, creative thinking can be both unstructured thoughts such as brainstorming, or even more structured thought such as lateral thinking. Therefore, we can conclude that creative thinking is being able to think about different ways you can see a solution from different kinds of perspectives. Below are the benefits of creative thinking.

Benefits of Creative Thinking

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While some people may not see the value of creative thinking, it has a lot of benefits when it comes to creative thought processes. Here is why creative thinking is important and the benefits of creative thinking in most workplaces.

  1. You gain more confidence in your ideas: Having good ideas can be scary if you work in a place that takes pride in following structured and linear thought processes. But, if you allow yourself to embrace these out-of-the-box ideas, you may find more confidence in embracing these ideas.

  2. You become more self-aware: In some ways, linear thinking comes with biases that are developed, especially when you’re not encouraged to be your authentic self. But with creative thinking, you become more self-aware and get to know yourself better.

  3. You have immense freedom with creative thinking: With creative thinking, the sky’s the limit. If you want to keep coming up with ideas, you can, and there’s no stopping you. So when you embrace creative thinking, just run with it and see where your thought process takes you. 


Now that we know what creative thinking is and its benefits, we hope you further understand why creative thinking is important. More people are embracing being more creative because it gives space to new ideas, but if we keep implementing it, there’s a chance that all workplaces will be significantly more exciting.

Being an adult doesn’t mean that you should lose your creative side, rather, people should encourage creativity because it forces them to come up with less conventional plans.

While this may not always work, sometimes all you need is a little creativity to see things from another perspective. 

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