Craft Kits for Adults to Try During Your Free Time

Even though we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are slowly getting back to our normal lives once more. So, if you’re living in a country with very few cases of COVID-19, chances are, you are doing your pre-pandemic routine now. Though this may be viewed as a really good thing, it has some drawbacks too because it’s stressful and tiring. Hence, we need to keep in mind to give ourselves free time for the sake of self-care. These days, when you have a busy work schedule plus a family life full of errands and chores to do, having free time does not seem to be practical. Some even view it as a waste of time because it makes them counterproductive. But it doesn’t have to be that way because you can still be productive while taking a break. That’s why craft kits for adults exist. They keep you entertained, sane, productive, creative, and stress-free. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the craft kits for adults that you can try and enjoy during your free time.

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Self-care is important. For many, it can be going to the spa, binge-watching movies and TV shows on Netflix, going to dinner with friends once a week, reading books, and writing a journal entry every night. It could be anything. However, we highly recommend you do arts and crafts for many reasons as they have featured in many of our blog posts about the therapeutic benefits of making art and being creative. Plus, it gives you additional skills and you don’t have to worry about not being productive.

The Importance of Self-Care During the Post-Pandemic World 

Before we proceed to discuss the different craft kits that you can try, let us first delve deep into the world of self-care and its importance. 

Self-care is a factor that diminishes the daily stressors in life which also helps a person unwind and refresh to avoid burnout and further signs of mental health issues. As mentioned above, taking care of your well-being is very important, especially in these post-pandemic times. Being able to engage yourself in self-caring activities has been clinically and scientifically proven to reduce the symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. Moreover, it also improves cognitive function, concentration, energy, mood, and feelings. Self-care helps you to have a positive relationship with yourself so that you may share those good feelings and positivity as well with other people.

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Different Craft Kits for Adults that You Can Try and Enjoy

    1.  Do-it-yourself Gardening Kit:

If you want to add something green and lively to your household while contributing something to the environment, then you should give gardening kits a try and see if you have the green hands to sustain plants. Various gardening kits offer a wide array of plantable that you can try to grow from your home. From herbs to succulents, flowers, and vegetables, eco-friendly kits will bring you closer to the peace of nature.

A photo of a woman sitting holding a pot of gardened plant


    2.  Watercolor Kits:

According to professional artists, watercolor is the most difficult medium for beginners to begin with when learning how to paint for the first time because it has many drawbacks. For one, it is hard to tame because working with water is quite unpredictable. However, if you are more interested in using watercolor compared to the other available mediums, then you are free to do so. There are watercolor kits available that can help you start and master the medium. Kits mostly come with instructions, a watercolor pad, a set of basic-colored watercolors, brushes, and even instructional guides. 

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    3.  Gelatin Flower Cake Kits:

If you want to spend more time in the kitchen and do something unique and edible, then you should definitely try these kits that are easy to make, delicious, and impressive during family dinners, and occasions. These kits are very popular on Amazon and the price varies depending on the brand that you select, the number of gelatin flavors that you want to have, etc. Usually, they often come with the required syringe, gelatin molds, instructional materials, and the main ingredient, gelatin. 

A photo of mango jelly dessert sweet gelatin on a ceramic bluish plate


    4.  Paint pouring kit:

Acrylic paint pouring has become a very popular technique when creating abstract art for various reasons. For one, it is very easy, then it’s affordable and fun to make. Thus, to make the creative process a little bit easier, there are ready-to-use paint pouring kits that do not require pre-mixing before you use the acrylic paint. Carrying out this technique can be quite messy, so we recommend that you work with a large working area and make sure that the floor or table is covered so that paint spills will be protected in unwanted areas.

An abstract multi colored variant painting

    5.  Paint by Numbers Kit:

If your self-care activities are more on improving your creativity and artistic skills, then you might as well try using a Paint by Numbers kit. These kits allow you to paint beautiful images just by following a simple instruction: to match the numbers on the canvas according to their corresponding color. If you’re looking for the perfect kit to start, Best Paint by Numbers has something just for you. We offer special and high-quality pre-designed kits with hundreds of designs to choose from. Thus, we also offer customized and personalized PBN kits that allow you to select your image and turn it into a canvas for you. 

A photo showing an array of blue white black and yellow paints on a white platform

Key Insights

No matter how busy your work schedule and family life are, you need to remember that taking a break and spending time with yourself is necessary for your mental health and well-being. If you are a hard worker, you deserve a break every once in a while. So do not be afraid to spend your free time doing creative hobbies, using these suggested craft kits for adults to have fun, go to the salon, eat out with your friends, enjoy family dinner, and many more.

Mental health well-being is important so you need to take care of it to spread positivity as well. We hope that you try any of these craft kits for adults so that you can enjoy and have fun as you take a break from the stressors of life. 


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