The Best Twist with Custom Paint by Numbers

Many people love PBN kits because they’re easy-to-use and beginner-friendly. Using these kits gives you the ultimate brain relaxation because painting the canvas does not require too much brainwork. In this activity, you only have to follow a very simple instruction to finish your canvas and that is to match the color by the number on the canvas. The popularity of PBN kits started in the 1950s and though this hobby comes and goes from the trend table, it never ceases to come back, getting more popular each time it does so. Now, the designs available for PBN kits are almost countless; ranging from florals, portraits, popular paintings, nature landscapes, and many more. But it doesn’t stop there because you can also customize your kits where you choose the image for your canvas. Best Paint by Numbers offers a wide array of variations that give you the best twist with custom paint by numbers that you could ever wish for. From classic portrait to pop art, we got you covered! 

A red blue and yellow abstract painting hung on the wall beside a flower verse

Learning how to paint can be quite difficult when you do it by yourself even though you watch tutorials and look at instructions on the Internet. Even though this activity may not be as easy as it looks, there’s a beloved kit that can help you create beautiful artworks while you improve your skills and knowledge at the same time. Truly a win-win situation! To help you get started, Best Paint by Numbers offers fixed kits and Custom kits like the ones below. Let us know which one among them you’ll try soon and don’t forget to leave a review when you have tried any kits mentioned below. Truly, these are some of the best twists with custom paint by numbers kits that are magical and educational because they’re in different styles with different techniques implied.

Different Style Twists with Custom Paint by Numbers

    1.  Custom Crush-Brush Style Paint by Numbers:

This custom PBN kit is a combination of different painting techniques such as painterly, impasto, and dry brushing to exemplify the different colors, textures, and elements of the painting’s design. If you find thick, colorful brushstrokes appealing just like the ones made by famous painters like Vincent van Gogh, then this kit is perfect for you. Just like a regular Custom PBN kit, you will receive the basic supplies to get you started: a pre-printed canvas, a set of vibrant acrylic paints, and three basic brushes as well as some freebies in store for you! If this is your first time trying the kit, we advise that you select a portrait-like image with a single subject: it could be something like a photo of your pet, a loved one, or your favorite selfie. These types of images work best with Custom Crush-Brush style PBN kits.

A custom crush brush style paint by numbers

Custom Crush-Brush Paint by Numbers for only $59.99

    2.  Sketch Art Paint by Numbers:

Many artists advise that before venturing into painting, an aspiring painter must venture into the basics of sketching first to understand anatomy, dimensions, and shaping. It is true indeed and sketching can be a bit challenging for many. So if you’re willing to give it a go, you can try the Custom Sketch Art Custom PBN kit where you can experience how it’s like to paint and sketch at the same time. Unlike the other kits, sketch art PBN has a very limited color choice because it focuses more on the structure on giving a more sketch-like art. However, just like the previous kit, we also advise that you choose a single-subject image with a subtle background or a background that is not too cluttered.

A sketch art paint by numbers kit

Sketch Art Paint by Numbers for only $59.99 USD

    3.  Diamond Paint by Numbers:

A hybrid between two beloved classic hobby kits: cross stitch and paint by numbers. Yes, please! This crossover of the classic pastime hobbies will give you the satisfaction you’ve never had before. Diamond Painting broke the internet a few months ago because of the ASMR-like effect it gives to the brain which is very relaxing and enjoyable. So instead of watching a YouTuber do this art, do it by yourself with your favorite image instead. That way, you’re being productive and relaxed at the same time. Much like any PBN kit, you can choose your favorite photo and we’ll turn it into a sticky canvas where you will put the rhinestones according to their color based on the number provided on the canvas.

A paint with diamonds best diamond painting kit

Best Diamond Painting Kit for only $39.99 USD

    4.  Custom Pop Art Paint by Numbers:

The Custom Pop Art Paint by Numbers kit is the result achieved when pop art and cubism collide. These two modern art movements emerged in the 20th century. These two art styles are some of the most popular and influential styles up to this date. The abstraction and vibrancy of the colors are some of the keynotes for the style. So if you’re up for a challenge, consider trying the Custom Pop Art PBN kit.

turn your photographs into pop art portraits

Custom Pop Art Paint by Numbers for only $79.99 USD

Final Insights

We hope that these best Custom Paint by Numbers twists help you become a better painter by teaching you new styles and techniques that you can apply for your next actual blank canvas painting project. Of course, these kits are not enjoyable to complete by just yourself so we also encourage you to give your loved ones this special present with your favorite photo together even though it’s not the holidays yet; just for keepsake and a way of saying that you appreciate them. The question now is, which kit will you choose as your next painting project? Let us know and don’t forget to leave us a review!

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