PBN: Can You Make One That’s Easy For Kids?

While most paint-by-number kits are already relatively easy, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find simpler ones that are appropriate for young children. In this article, we answer the question, “can you make one that’s easy for kids?” 

A painting of a boy eating a two slices of bread laced with peanut butter holding a kite sitting on the grasses with his dog

When we are young, we have the potential to nourish our creativity, which is why we encourage getting paint-by-number kits for children, so they can enjoy these activities. While the paint-by-number kits available online are already pretty easy, we have found some options for kits that are appropriate for our kids.

If you want, we know that there are a lot of other companies that provide paint-by-number kits that are specifically for kids, which is worth investing in if you want them to learn how to paint at a young age.

We hope that this article answers the question, “can you make one that’s easy for kids?” We know that painting has a lot of benefits for adults, but we also want to give kids the same benefits. 

If you want to get your kids a paint-by-number kit, then we hope that you consider the options that we provide for you to pursue.

Your kids deserve the best kit, so we’re going to include some kits we found online that we think might be great if you have budding artists as children. Let us know what you think of our options and we’re open to suggestions from your sources too.

Why Should Your Kids Get Into Paint-by-number Kits?

A photo of a girl placing some decoration with items placed on a wooden platform 

We love that paint-by-numbers have a lot of benefits when it comes to stressed-out adults, and that alone is why we want to encourage kids to do paint-by-number kits. But, before we answer “can you make one that’s easy for kids,” we want to discuss why you should get paint-by-number kits for your kids:

  1. It can promote focus: If you have a particularly rowdy kid that refuses to sit down and stay still for a few hours, then you may want to consider getting them a paint-by-number kit. Encourage them to finish the painting within the day so that all their focus is put on this task.

  2. It promotes better motor function: If your child has a limited motor function, then you may want to try paint-by-number kits. The use of their hands can improve their dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and other aspects of motor function.

  3. It’s an easy activity: Looking for something to do for your kids when they have a lot of free time is crucial for your sanity. Paint-by-number kits are easy to get and easy to do, which is why we suggest it when you need to give your kid something to do.

  4. It’s relatively affordable: One of the most difficult things about needing a hobby for your kid is the cost of these items. Sustainable hobbies are affordable hobbies, and paint-by-number kits are relatively affordable.

  5. They’ll learn how to blend paint: If your kid is creative and wants to get into painting, then they can learn some of the techniques they need through these kits. We think that you can give them sufficient tools to enhance these skills. 

Can You Make One That’s Easy For Kids?

A photo of a kid working on some paintings which includes a horse

Now that we’ve given you reasons why you should get a paint-by-number kit for your kid, we’re going to answer the question, “
can you make one that’s easy for kids?” The answer to that is yes. Our company specializes in customizing art kits, and we can produce any size, which is why we’re capable of producing paint-by-number kits for kids.

You can send us simple images that we can print into a paint-by-number kit for your child. We do suggest that you refer to our previous blog posts about how to choose an image when picking one for your child’s kit.

This is to ensure that the image is simple enough to be converted into a painting, and that it’s easy for your child to paint.

However, if you want something that is extremely simple and not customized, then we suggest going to a local craft store in your area.


A daylight photo of a boy undergoing painting

Paint-by-number kits are great if you have a lot of time on your hands, and we can guarantee that this is necessary if your kids are stuck at home. It can also help promote some quiet time with your kids while they’re bored. 

So we answer the question, “can you make one that’s easy for kids,” with a yes. We want to help you pre-occupy your child and we know that parents all over will thank us if these kits can get their children to sit down without the use of a gadget. 

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