Meet the art of Paint by Numbers

For most people, creating art seems challenging, but the truth is that it’s not difficult to create a piece of art. You may not have the same talent or experience as a professional artist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create art. What if someone told you there’s a way to create art, more specifically, to create a beautiful painting, by only knowing how to connect painting with its corresponding color? That way is the art of Paint by Numbers. 

A photo various paint by numbers pots on a white platform

Paint by Numbers is as simple as solving puzzles but it still requires a certain amount of skill and laser eye focus. As mentioned above, with Paint by Numbers art you connect colors with their corresponding number. In more detail, you get a paint by number kit of a previous painting or picture, but only the contour is printed. The contours create small areas with a number in them and each number has a corresponding color. So you just connect each color with its matching number. Simple right?

Paint by Numbers art comes from a man called Dan Robbins. Dan, who worked at the Palmer Show Card Paint Company, first tried to turn this idea into a real-life project in the 1950s. After several iterations, in 1951 the company created the Crafts Master brand which sold 12 million kits. That’s how the idea behind Paint by Numbers art began! If you’d like to explore how to paint by numbers developed throughout the years, then click here.

But, now you might ask “how does Paint by Numbers art benefit me?”. Whether you are an experienced painter, or you have never been involved with painting before, paint by numbers always has something to offer.

A photo of an elderly man in blue and red painting a lady

Benefits for newbies

    1.  Great place to start

Starting with paint by numbers kits is a huge advantage for you. Rather than staring at a blank canvas not knowing what in the world to paint, you already have something to paint. This will help you learn the importance of focus while painting because mistakes are hard to cover up. You’ll also learn brushwork and how to not get out of the line which again requires a ton of focus. Learning all these will help you advance to the next level, and progress correctly as a painter.


    2.  Boost of self-confidence

As you enter the life of being an artist, you start seeing more experienced and professional artists doing great projects and creating incredible pieces of art. That can be intimidating sometimes since you may think “I will never be able to create something like this”. Well, this will affect your self-confidence and put you down, preventing you from reaching your full potential. Instead, you should try beginning with some easier projects, and what’s easier than painting by numbers? You’ll have some projects under your name, even if they are not original, you can still take pride in the fact that you created them. This way, you’ll get on the track to succeed like all the famous professional artists you see. And don’t forget that these professionals used to be in your shoes, so never be discouraged, you still have time to grow. 

    3.  Great if you have free time

Boredom is one of the worst and more self-destroying feelings. Have you ever just sat on your couch, opened up your phone, and started scrolling through Instagram or TikTok for hours till you had no energy to do anything? Well, instead of spending hours on social media which will do nothing in return for you, it’s better to hop on your chair to work on your next paint by numbers project. And what does it give you in return? Piece of mind improves self-confidence and boosts energy so you can continue with a not-so-boring day.

A painting of a verse a cloth and some food a flat plate


Benefits for experienced painters

    1.  Boosts creativity

As an experienced artist, you might’ve been through a period where you can’t seem to find inspiration or ideas to paint. This period is a decisive time for every artist. Instead of getting discouraged and beating yourself up, you should instead try paint-by-numbers art kits. They’re easy, simple, and matching all the colors to their corresponding number to create something that already exists will increase blood flow in your brain, and will help you come up with ideas much easier. Say goodbye to unproductive days, and say hello to creativity, imagination, and inspiration again.


    2.  Create while you rest

Having clients demanding challenging art projects is an exhausting job. Many of the projects you are assigned to do, require you to go out of your depth and use different, unfamiliar methods. Having such a life means that resting time is important to get the best results out of your projects. But, what should you do in resting time to relax your brain and find a little peace of mind? One of the best activities you can perform during your rest is to use paint by numbers 
art kits. Painting on paint by numbers kits is a piece of cake for experienced artists like you. So the next time you feel like you need a rest, put some music on, podcast, relaxing sounds, or whatever you prefer, and continue working on your paint by numbers painting. You’ll feel more productive and energized when working with your original projects. 

A photo of a painting palette a brush a board and a painted white paper

What to do now?

In this article, we have explored what Paint by Numbers art kits are and what they can do for you, regardless of your artistic level and as you’ve seen, they can be beneficial for you. If you think that a well-crafted paint by numbers kit can prove helpful for you, whether you need it for resting or inspiration, then you should hop on the Best Paint By Numbers online store right now and get your kit. The process is simple – you send the picture that you want to turn into a painting, and Best Paint By Numbers will send you the kit with pre-printed contours on it, along with all the acrylic painting colors you’ll need, and of course, the 3 necessary brushes you’ll use. Click here, follow the steps mentioned above, and get your first kit with FREE SHIPPING.

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