How Art Therapy Acts as Stress Reliever

When we were kids, we loved coloring books, clay-dough and drawing on random walls. Those memories will always remain as it brings back the joyous memories of our childhood days. Have you asked yourself if you were to do that again, will you still feel the same way? Childhood isn’t something that we can bring back but some aspects of it we can. Thanks to adult versions of those things we used to love as a kid, we can somehow feel the joy that we felt before.

Coloring book for adult

These days, coloring books, clay dough and drawing aren’t just for kids anymore. Grown-up versions of arts & crafts kits are a thing now and can act as stress relievers and pastime hobbies. A lot of research studies suggest that indulging oneself in creative activities or art therapy can help people mentally as well as improve the overall quality of your life.

Art therapy is a way to manage psychological illnesses and to improve the mental health state of a person. It focuses on activities related to art such as painting, drawing, and sculpture-making. Art therapy is not just creating art but also by viewing arts. When viewing art, your brain will start to work by thinking of what a specific art means.  In this article, we will discuss how you can benefit from art therapy. 

The Benefits of Art Therapy

  • Strengthens Memory

Studies show that people who are into artistic activities have a lesser chance of developing memory loss-related disorders as they get older. Moreover, art therapy boosts a person’s cognitive ability and critical thinking. 

  • Stimulates a Positive Attitude

Art therapy gives the freedom to express yourself. The reward of creating visually appealing artworks that others can admire gives the artist a sense of pride in their work which boosts self-esteem. Also, doing art can give a happy mood not only for the artist but also for the people around them. 

  • Promotes Stress Relief

Mental health issues like anxiety attacks and depressions are really prevalent nowadays because of the pandemic. Art therapy can help people cope up by releasing their emotions in creative outlets like drawing and painting, or by simply viewing artworks.

Photo of woman painting while smiling and standing by the table

  • Promotes Emotional Growth

Participating in art activities can let out their emotion to create and turn them into a passion. Expression through arts can help an individual explore their inner consciousness, develop mindfulness and self-awareness. Moreover, it also helps in improving one’s mood and feelings.

  • Improves Problem-Solving and Motor Skills

When an artist conceptualizes in order to give multiple solutions while painting, they are using critical thinking, too. Artists use their minds as to the image or art that they want to create. Creative hobbies such as painting can improve a person’s motor skills by improving their hand dexterity as they make swirls and strokes using their brushes. 

Mother and son painting together

Start Art Therapy Today

Art therapy is a big help as it has a lot of benefits that can improve the quality of your mental health state. Painting can be an example of an activity where you can start doing as it has the benefit of relieving stress. 

There are plenty of arts & crafts kits that can help you start art therapy at home. If you want to go into painting, Best Paint by Numbers has something for you! Choose from hundreds of Paint by Numbers kit designs or create your own canvas with Custom Paint by Numbers. Purchase a kit today and paint the stress away.

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