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As a pet owner and more specifically as a dog owner, what’s your biggest worry when winter comes? Making sure your pet is not cold, has enough food, is clean and so much more. Taking care of a dog is a real struggle, especially during winter. Dogs are not used to cold weather, especially small ones, with less fur. You won’t see a Husky shivering from cold as they are meant to live in cold places, but you’ll see a chihuahua getting frozen to death. However, most of your problems end once you come across the dog jacket that can keep your dog clean and warm.


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Just a small warning that needs to be said is that this jacket is not suitable for big dog owners. It’s specially designed for small dogs, with less dense fur to keep them warm and clean when the weather is cold. So, if you are an owner of a big dog, then this jacket won’t do much for you.

But, if your dog is small like a Rat Terrier or a Pumi, then this jacket can make your dog’s life so much easier. Many people don’t know this, but dogs can get cold. Just because they have a lot of hair on them doesn’t mean that they are immutable to strong winters. Only breeds such as Akitas and Chow Chows can survive winter without a dog jacket. Small dogs need protection and a dog jacket can do this job.

So, let’s analyze together the reasons why your dog needs a dog jacket.


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1. Keeps your dog warm

This is the most obvious one and is the one we’ve been talking about since the introduction of the article. As said before, small dogs usually have less fur and they need some extra assistance to keep themselves warm. Just like you would buy a big puffy jacket for your baby to keep it warm and safe, you also need to get one for your dog too. 

Dogs should and need to be treated like babies. Why do babies need so much assistance when they are born? Because they can’t speak. Once they learn how to speak and communicate, they can start taking care of themselves. Dogs can’t speak either and they will never be able to do so. That’s why they should be treated like babies for their whole life. Once you understand that, you’ll become a better pet owner.

So your small buddy needs a dog jacket to keep him warm.


2. Keep your dog clean

When you think about winter, you think about rain, snow, and storms. Well, when winter comes, keeping your dog clean is impossible. There are people that keep their dog inside whenever it rains or snows. But people who live in places that rain a lot, have no choice but to take their dog out. You can’t keep your dog in the house forever, he needs to run and have fun. So, as you can see, there’s no choice. 

However, with a dog jacket, you can keep your dog clean. Well, to be truthful you can keep him less dirty because the paws will always be dirty. But still, imagine if your dog runs away on a rainy day and comes home all wet and dirty full of mud. This wouldn’t happen if you had a dog jacket for your little friend. Basically, with a dog jacket, you save a lot of grooming sessions as the most part is covered by the jacket and all you have to do is clean his face and paws. Everything becomes easier.


Now, let’s talk about why you should get a winter
dog jacket.

  1. Satisfies the 2 objectives above
    First of all, a Winter Dog Jacket will keep your buddy warm and clean. That’s actually the reason it was created in the first place – to help little doggies stay warm and clean.

  2. Can work as a collar
    Let’s be honest, collars must be the most frustrating accessories for a dog. Having a collar around your neck with which everyone can control you and pull you wherever they want sounds a little bit harsh, doesn’t it? Well, the truth is that this is how dogs feel. Not so much about being controlled, most dogs love it when there’s someone who is holding the leash and walking with them, but pulling them from the neck can cause damage and neck pain. But, a Dog Jacket can help you with that as you can tie your dog’s leash on the jacket and not worry about your dog’s neck.
  3. Waterproof
    The fact that it’s waterproof is something you may have already realized but it’s good to mention a few key benefits. A water resistance jacket is so much more convenient as it requires cleaning less often and if you need to clean it, it’s always much easier. Also, although it’s waterproof on the outside, it’s made out of thick cotton on the inside which can keep your dog warm. Most jackets are either the only cotton for warmth and the only waterproof for dry fur. A Winter Dog Jacket combines these two key benefits in one.

  4. Comes in seven different sizes
    The jacket is not one size only. It values all dog owners -including you- out there and wants to reward you as much as they can for your hard work of raising a dog. As mentioned before, this is not an easy task but yet you manage to pull through the hardships and bring happiness to this small creature’s world.

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