What Creative Hobby Should I Do?: Steps to Find a New Hobby

If you’re a constant reader of the blog posts of this site, then you’re probably aware that we have covered the topic of hobbies A LOT. Most of the time, we talked about the benefits of hobbies based on scientific research as well as providing you lists of hobbies that you can try. Now, we’ll delve into the world of pastime activities even further by teaching you how to find a new hobby. You’ve probably asked yourself this question, “what creative hobby should I do?” especially in times of boredom due to the pandemic. You might’ve also asked the same question if you’re looking for other pursuits than painting to enhance your creativity and imagination. Or, you’ve read about the therapeutic benefits of hobbies so you’re willing to give it a go. So in this article, we will be answering “what creative hobby should I do?” for you to find your next creative pursuit. 

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Usually, a hobby lasts for up to 16 months according to research because people get bored easily. Their lack of interest to continue their pursuits is also because of a lack of motivation and a busy life due to work commitments and family life.

Here’s a fact backed by evidence from psychologists, researchers, and hobby enthusiasts: Immersing yourself in creative hobbies regularly can create a massive impact on your quality of life. If you want to have a balance between your work, errands, and self-care, you have to find pastime activities. Although we recommend that you find something you’re passionate about and hold on to it for a lifetime. However, it is also advisable that you find temporary hobbies from time to time. Why? So that you’ll be able to learn and experience something new while discovering something about yourself that you haven’t known before as well. 

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If you’re asking, what creative hobby should I do? Here’s some of the answers…

    1.  Think about the things you enjoy and develop them into a hobby:

What you already love plays a big role when you’re finding a new activity to try. If you want a hobby that lasts despite your conflicts in schedule, then think about what you love. Do you love to eat? Do you love to watch cooking shows? Well, then try cooking and baking! Do you love picking leaves and flowers around the neighborhood? Try flower pressing! Do you love to read? Try writing! A creative hobby doesn’t have to be complicated, you just have to be real to yourself because you’re doing this for yourself, and not for others. So, if you love watching TV shows and movies, consider blogging as a hobby so that you can share your reviews about the shows and films you’ve seen.

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    2.  Determine your goals:

Of course, most people find new hobbies to immerse themselves in, mainly to keep them engaged, creative, and busy. However, setting your goals is very important in the process of finding new hobbies. Ask yourself, what would you want to gain? Are there any specific goals that you want to attain if you pursue that hobby? Or, you can also use your personal goals as an inspiration in finding a creative hobby. Say for example, you want to improve your handwriting, then maybe you should try calligraphy or lettering. If you’ve been wanting to lose some weight, try dancing or Pilates.

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    3.  Take a step back to your childhood:

Sometimes, all you have to do is to reminisce. It feels good being a child, especially during the times when we used to fearlessly explore. We weren’t afraid to try things. Now as an adult, we’re usually filled with doubt and the fear of being judged by ourselves and by other people. So what you can do is to channel the inner child with you and be carefree. Reclaim the old fun childhood energy. Relive your interests and passion, and use that as an inspiration in finding your new creative hobby.

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    4.  Take online hobby and/or personality quizzes:

Of course, you can also ask for help from the old reliable internet. Just type in: what creative hobby should I do? There are so many online quizzes available online that can help you find your next new hobby. The key here is to be as honest as possible so that you can find something that matches you and your personality.

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    5.  Step out of your comfort zone:

Don’t just stick to the usual, stepping out of your comfort zone is a part of being creative. It might be scary at first, but once you’ve stepped out of your small world, you will actually realize how good and wonderful the world is. Plus, one of the goals of being alive is to try out as many as you can. You may not be good at some of them, but through practice, you will be.

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Having hobbies is an excellent way to keep you sane, especially these days. We hope that we have helped in answering one of the most asked questions, what creative hobby should I do? Finding a hobby can be hard sometimes but to sum it all up, you just need to enjoy it, have a few goals, channel your inner child, and try new things out.

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