What Art Do I Like? How To Figure Out Your Taste In Art

Hook: A question most people ask is, “what art do I like?” Some people are afraid of not understanding certain pieces and fear that not understanding makes them uncultured. However, not liking other art styles does not make you uncultured, it just means you have different tastes.

A multi colored painting of a hummingbird bird

Everyone loves art, and at one point or another, you’re going to realize that your taste in art may be different from other people’s. Does that mean that you don’t have culture or depth? Not necessarily. This article will help you answer the question, “what art do I like?”

Not liking the same art as the masses doesn’t mean that you’re uncultured because having different tastes makes art so unique to everyone. It’s also necessary that everyone views art from their perspective, so as long as you don’t fight people about their view of art and what they enjoy, you shouldn’t have any problems. 

However, this should make you ponder about what art you like. Some people lean into the more traditional works of art, while others prefer a more modern take. Either way, your taste in the art shouldn’t depend on what most people like, but what you like.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, what art do I like? We hope that this article is helpful. Or, maybe you can help others determine what art they like. Whether you prefer classic or more abstract pieces, there are many styles to see and appreciate.

Determining Different Types of Art

A multi colored art illustration of a painting of a person

Whether you’re an avid artist looking for inspiration, or you’re a new collector looking to get the best pieces for your arsenal, your taste in art is going to affect your choices. So, we’re going to help you determine the different types of art. 

However, you should know that there are many variations to art, and what may be pleasing to you may not be the case for other people. Here are some types of art. 

  1. Architecture: If you’re the kind of person that prefers looking at buildings over traditional versions of art, then you may enjoy homes that have unique architecture.

  2. Body Art: Maybe you prefer less conventional art. Body art is relatively new, and this includes tattoos, face painting, or even body painting. Aside from that, you can always customize how the art looks on your body.

  3. Calligraphy: Another interesting form of art is calligraphy. Something is fascinating about looking at letters flowing on paper. In a world full of digital work, seeing calligraphy can be really interesting.

  4. Digital art: Another modern form of art is paintings produced from digital work. Most people who work on digital art don’t go through the difficulty of getting multiple tubes of paint and brushes. However, they do have to invest in good art programs that make digital paintings easier.

  5.  Graffiti Art: Some people assume that graffiti is a form of vandalism, and while that may be the case sometimes, there’s actually beauty in street art. Graffiti is modern and urban, which makes it so different from traditional paintings. 

What Art Do I Like? Determining Your Taste In Art

A piece of an architectural painting of art nouveau

We haven’t listed all the types of art because there are plenty, but if you’re more interested in finding out all art forms, you can search them up online. However, we have decided to list the unconventional types of art. Now that we know some variations of art, here’s how you can check “
what art do I like?” We will help you determine your taste in art.

  1. Understand that your taste will change: Change is inevitable, so if you may be interested in certain types of art when you’re younger, you will have to accept that this may change as you age.

  2. Follow with your eyes, not your ears: The thing about listening to people’s opinions is that they can sway your own thoughts when it comes to your taste. Instead of listening to other people, look at art from your own perspective.

  3. Talk to people you can trust: It is inevitable to ask for opinions, so if you want someone’s opinion on art you’re interested in, you should choose people you trust. This is because you need people who can be honest with you and share their opinions on the art.

  4. Study art: A crucial way to determine your art taste is to study different art styles and understand them. Identifying the art will also make it easy for you to know your preference.

  5. Be patient: Another essential process in determining your taste is being patient. The best way to choose art is to know yourself, so take time to look at the art before you decide to bring it home. 


A photo of a red white painted egg in a tray to be given as gifts

To conclude this article, your taste in art purely depends on you. You don’t have to conform to an art style because you know a lot of people like it. If you don’t prefer the conventional form of art, that’s perfectly fine. 

The important thing when you ask, “what art do I like?” is to remember that you are the sole person who can decide if a certain piece of art makes you happy. We hope that this article will help you determine the form of art that you love and help build your future art collection or art inspiration.

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