Ultimate List of Creative Hobbies that You Should Try in 2021

Hobbies are more than just pastime activities to keep us away from boredom. They actually help in keeping us sane by providing balance for our overall well-being. In life, our schedule should not just be all “outputs” a.k.a. our daily routine of doing work, chores, and other errands that many deem important. We also need to give time with our “inputs” or give time to be quiet to carry out reading, writing, etc. Such is crucial to keep life meaningful, inspiring, and exciting. Before the quarantine period, many people seemed to have forgotten how essential self-care was. They forgot that life is more than just doing labor and other errands. Life is also about having fun and getting creative, so lockdown taught us the importance of having creative hobbies. These creative hobbies shouldn’t only be things you go to during lockdown, we should keep on doing these for life. There are so many self-care activities that you can indulge in, and we’re here to give you some ideas.


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There are instances where we feel that we don’t know our passion. We feel bored and our hands are often empty which leads to the thought that life is not fun but rather meaningless. That’s the danger of boredom. Hence, creative hobbies allow you to diminish such thoughts by keeping life full of excitement through activities.

Colorful Creative Hobbies

    1.  Art journaling:

An art journal is your own visual private space where you are allowed to create almost anything creative: a painting, drawing, bullet organizer, and even using it to write your diary. When words can’t speak, creating art can help you paint out your inhibitions. Art journaling gives you a space to move creatively without making you feel intimidated about the spaces that you need to fill in compared to an actual blank canvas. You just got to have fun and create as much as you like every day to help you improve your artistic skills.

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    2.  Clay sculpting:

There are different types of clay available on the market which are classified into four types: water-based clay, dough clay, ceramic clay, an oil-based clay. Selecting a type of clay for your project is usually based on your preference- the one which works for you. However, we recommend that you select a clay based on the project you’re planning to pursue; i.e. polymer clay for accessories, ceramic clay for mugs, and houseware. Clay sculpting may be quite challenging but think about the different outcomes you’ll have that can be useful. Once you get really good at this craft, you can even start a business!

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    3.  Nail art:

If you want to make your nails look over the top, then this creative hobby is perfect for you! The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of nail and beauty salons to shut down temporarily making most of our nails not so aesthetically pleasing. Some like their nails plain, but some love to have long coffin-shaped nails with beautiful colors and intricate designs (like the ones that we see a lot on the internet). There are so many available nail product kits available online to help you get started with this craft. You can even invite your girls over to have fun and do each other’s nails.

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Evergreen Hobbies to Help You Sharpen Your Mind

    1.  Reading:

It is a classic that never gets old. Nothing feels better than making a cup of tea or coffee and curling up to read a book of your favorite genre. Reading takes your mind somewhere away from your problems and into the imaginary world with all the fictional characters living in the paracosm. If fiction isn’t your thing, then nonfiction is also as good. These types of books are full of knowledge and other detailed fun bits!

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    2.  Solving puzzles:

Maybe it’s jigsaws, crosswords, sudokus, mechanical puzzles, riddles, and so forth, solving puzzles helps stimulate the brain by challenging your logic, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills. The type of puzzle is up to your preference but the important thing is that you get actual puzzles and not the ones that you download and solve on your gadget. Why? Because it’s so much more fun to do them as actual puzzles and sheets! Thus, it also keeps you from your phone for a short time which is beneficial to your health.

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    3.  Writing:

Letting out your emotions from time to time is a healthy coping mechanism that you should practice. Through writing, you’ll be able to take out your inhibitions, write out what you cannot say out loud, and practice your skills at the same time. The great thing about this hobby is that you don’t have to share this with anyone, so it’s like keeping a diary. 

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Creative Hobbies to Challenge You

    1.  Wood carving:

 This craft has been practiced as a hobby for thousands of years. The possibilities are almost endless when you start this hobby: you can create sculptures, frames, spoons, etc. It takes intricacy, attention to detail, patience, time, and a lot of effort to create beautiful wood art. But it’s totally worth it in the end, especially if you get to display them or even gift them to a loved one.

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    2.  Playing an instrument:

Not everyone has a musical skill but we believe that all skills can be learned and nurtured. To help you get started with your musical journey, you can start learning an instrument of your choice. Whether it’s a guitar, piano, flute, or drums, all these are enjoyable and worth the time. Plus, learning music is made easier thanks to the internet: free tutorials are almost everywhere, especially on YouTube.

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    3.  Culinary plating:

Being a good cook is one thing. But being great at presenting your dish? That’s another. If you truly want to invite your family and guests during special days, then learning how to perfectly execute plating is worth the try. You don’t just get to cook- you get to make art using the food that you cooked which is social-media-worthy!

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Get Started!

Engaging in creative hobbies is an excellent way to spend your time and relax. We hope that you’ll be able to try out all these activities on the list. Please tell us which one is your most favorite.

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