The Secrets of How to Make Your Paint by Numbers Look Better

Paint by Numbers Kits has been around since the 1950s promising aspiring artists and craft enthusiasts that they can create beautiful paintings without technical skills in the field. By following a simple instruction, different colors that correspond to a particular number, and three basic paintbrushes alongside its canvas, anyone can turn it into a masterpiece. These kits are almost foolproof if you follow the simple instructions as well as a couple of tips and tricks on how to make your paint by numbers look better.

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You do not need a lot of things to start creating your masterpiece as a beginner. All you need is the Best Paint by Numbers kit, a cup of water, and some tissues or a towel; then you’re good to go. In this article, we will give you the secrets of how to make your paint by numbers artwork look better and professionally made. Without further ado, let’s get started.


How to Make Your Paint by Numbers Look Better

    1.  Invest in a high quality Paint by Numbers kit:

This may sound pretty obvious already, but if you get a high-quality kit, you will know the difference. First of all, high-quality kits mean high-quality materials. You do not want to be working with a shabby canvas, paints, and brushes. Doing this will just dull your motivation to finish the painting. If you’re looking for a good PBN kit that will satisfy your painting needs, then Best Paint by Numbers is here to provide your dream PBN paint sets. 

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Best Paint by Numbers provides fixed and customized Paint by Numbers kits that are of the highest quality at affordable prices. They also offer a free shipping discount wherever you are around the world. The kit comes with the best quality materials that allow you to paint without too much preparation– primed canvas, ready-to-use paint kit, and three basic brush pieces.

If you want to purchase your very own kit, click here to go to the store.

    2.  Select an image appropriate for your difficulty level:

This is a very important aspect when it’s your first time doing a Paint by Numbers kit. Although the kit is almost foolproof as mentioned earlier, you need to be realistic. When selecting an image for your kit, may it be pre-designed or customized, ask yourself this question: will I be able to finish this? It doesn’t matter when you’ll finish it but make sure that you can paint it from the beginning to end. Most beginners tend to lose motivation, especially when they find the kit hard to paint – so choose wisely.

A photo of a woman painting a cliff and trees

    3.  Level up your blending game:

Blending is a painting technique that creates a smooth transition between colors. It is done when the paints are wet enough to intermingle with each other. Hence, it is quite difficult to achieve if you are using acrylic paint as a medium considering that acrylics dry fast compared to oils and watercolor. Learning this technique is very necessary as an artist as it gives your painting a smooth, seamless finish and soft lines and edges. As important as this painting technique is, one must know when and when not to blend. Most beginners, often make the mistake of blending too much so you should use this technique sparingly. An overly-blended painting can end up looking unrealistic and plastic-like, so you want to avoid that happening.

A photo of a person with a brush in hand painting a multi colored abstract painting

Tips and tricks for blending with acrylic paint:

  • Use the right brushes– flat brushes and round mop brushes made out of nylon are perfect for blending acrylics.
  • When blending, move the brush from side to side and brush over the streaks and hard edges that could develop while carrying out this process.
  • Keep a spray bottle beside you and mist the canvas lightly to keep the paint wet. You could do the same with a palette.
  • Blend while the paint is wet.
  • Use paint retarders to slow down the drying time of acrylic paints by 50%.
  • Always wipe your brush for an effortless blending result.
  • Stick to small areas when painting.
  • Work gently as you apply small brush strokes.

    4. Study the color theory:

Color theory is the art and science of how we perceive, visualize, and use colors. For most people, color theory is the study of the color wheel and three basic color groups which are the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. The main reason why you should study color theory is that it can help you improve your artwork’s harmony, richness, and balance with colors. Thus, such can also help you improve your blending technique to get a more realistic-looking painting.

Tips and tricks when working with colors in Paint by Numbers:

  • When working with light colors, use a white-out pen to erase the number so that it won’t show through (make sure you remember the number that you’re erasing, it’s better to do it one at a time).
  • Paint one number at a time, make sure that the paint pots that you’re not using are fully closed so that they won’t dry out.
  • Less is more– when dipping in paint, just dip the tip of the brush for more accurate brushwork and less paint which helps to avoid messes.
  • Start from the bigger areas and work your way to the smaller areas.
  • To avoid smudging, move from left to right, working your way from top to bottom. 
  • For a more seamless and blended finish, paint the darker areas first before the lighter ones.

A photo of pencils water color palette and a flowered painting on a white table

    5.  Seal the deal once finished:

The moment has arrived and you’re done the painting by numbers. How was the experience and what should you do next? Well, if you want it to last long, we advise that you varnish the painting to add shine, gloss, and extra protection. You need to make sure that the artwork is completely dry before proceeding to this step.

A photo of a woman painting near a window

    6.  Frame your canvas:

The final step of your painting journey is to frame your canvas to ensure the memory stays long. Once the painting is completely dried and varnished, it is time for you to frame the canvas. You can either do it by yourself or go to shops that offer to frame services to save you time. Once framed, display it somewhere in your home. This step is not only necessary to keep your painting longer, but it can also make your painting look professionally made.

A photo of a brown and green colored painting of a mountain


Paint by Numbers kits teaches you how to become an artist in simple ways. These secrets of how to make your paint by numbers look better are just stepping stones to become the painter you’re aspiring to be. Let us know your painting experience with Best Paint by Numbers and don’t forget to show off your finished painting in the review section.

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