Looking for Where to Buy Paint by Numbers?

The pandemic has changed our routine schedule in one way or another. For some, the pandemic gave them extra time for leisure, especially for those who work from home. On the other hand, some people were given extra tasks which also affected their stress management and work-life balance. Either way, most of them are finding new ways to relieve stress, reduce their boredom, and enhance their self-care regime. With this, people have been flocking over coloring books for adults, arts and crafts kits, and paint by numbers to add to their routine as a solution to their current circumstances. Hence, many people have been looking for where to buy paint by numbers. If you’re one of them, you’re lucky that you’re here because we have an answer to your question. Come read this article and find out the perfect place!

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Due to the increasing popularity of this pastime kit, so many people have been asking the same question, “where to buy paint by numbers kits?” There are so many stores online and perhaps in your area selling arts and crafts kits like the Paint by Numbers kits. However, not all stores can deliver high-quality kits and that is why choosing a store to buy your Paint by Numbers is crucial because the kit’s quality can affect the overall outcome of your artwork in the end. So today, let’s review one of the best online stores if you’re looking for great quality kits: Best Paint by Numbers.

Why BPBN is the go-to place for Paint by Numbers

    1.  Lots of kits to choose from:

Unlike other stores, Best Paint by Numbers has hundreds, if not thousands, of fixed kits or pre-designed kits to choose from. The wide array of selections to choose from ranges from the Van Gogh collection where you can experience the artistry and creative process of the maestro to the floral collection if you want to add detailed ornaments on your wall. The site is the best place to go if you’re looking for uniquely designed canvases that you can paint. We will not end there, there are Custom Paint by Numbers where the design possibilities are almost endless! You can select whatever photo you prefer and the site will turn it into a Paint by Numbers canvas that you can paint and enjoy. Not just that, there are also twists and variations of Custom PBN styles and even Custom Diamond Painting kits! How awesome is that?

A photo showing variations of Custom PBN styles in stock

    2.  High quality materials:

As mentioned earlier, not all shops, especially those online, will give you a high-quality canvas, acrylic paints, and brushes. It is common knowledge in the professional art world that bad quality products make bad quality art. So, many things could go wrong if your materials are of poor quality, the chief of which is shabby outcomes. The canvas can be super wrinkled, the paintbrushes may break easily, and the worst part would probably be the acrylic paints being dried out before using them. You don’t have to worry about those things when you purchase at Best Paint by Numbers because the company ensures quality control for every product to make your purchase worth it. Thus, other than the materials, you also get the latest Best Paint by Numbers eBook and relaxing music that you can download as a bonus!

A photo of red blue green and yellow paint pots on a white platform

    3.  Affordable:

Best Paint by Numbers provides high-quality kits at a very affordable price that everyone can buy. If you’re on a tight budget but still want to make art or do something creative, then you should try the kits and see the wonders of painting for yourself without spending too much. Usually, Paint by Numbers kits range from $40-$70, depending on the complexity of the design and the brand. But with BPBN, fixed kits start at the very affordable price of $29.99 while Custom kits start at the price of $34.95.

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    4.  Comes with a free shipping discount:

Every purchase you make at BPBN comes with free shipping so you don’t have to spend much. We know that shipping costs can be pricey depending on the place you live so as a bonus for our beloved customers, everyone is entitled to free shipping anywhere you are around the world. If you’re planning to buy for yourself or as a gift for your loved one, now is the time to give them a memorable kit.

A photo of a person holding a paint brush while painting a photo


We hope that this article has helped you answer the question of where to buy paint by numbers. In case of doubt, try reading the customer reviews at BPBN to see how trusted the company is when it comes to painting by numbers kits of any sort. Convenient, affordable, and beautiful: these three points are some of the reasons why BPBN is tried and tested by many loyal customers. Purchase your kit now and start your painting journey today! Have fun and don’t forget to tell us about your painting experience!

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