The Influence of art on architecture

The way art relates to architecture is appealing to many artists and architects. Over the past years, the influence of art on architecture is seen as a great way to create a spectacular environment, which is not only visually attractive but also creates positive feelings. This captivating use of art to articulate various messages creatively through different architectural designs is very fascinating.


A photo showing the reflection of cityscape in sea at night


As seen in many buildings and constructions, art has been useful in beautifying and creating a harmonious environment for people. That’s why you will find architectural designs having different artistic representations. This ranges from colors, different minimalistic art, crafting of images, etc. Thus, the relationship between art and architecture is one that we cannot ignore.

For a fact, architecture would have been different and inferior without art. This raises the question of what is the influence of art on architecture?


Architecture is the discipline of science that deals with the principles of design, ornamentation, and construction of fine buildings. The process of designing and ornamentation (decorating) is where the influence of art on architecture comes in. To design a building, you need to do some artistic representation of any structure using different art models. Then, after the construction of the building, you need to do some painting of various artworks.

A photo of a white concrete building under the blue sky



The debate as to whether architecture is an art or not is one with many sentiments from different people. Though it’s not clear whether architecture is an art, what is evident is the massive use of art in architecture. For many years the many transformations performed on buildings have been evident through the use of art.

Thus, art though an independent entity, when it comes to architecture becomes part of it. This happens through the creation of beautiful and significant pieces of work by architects.


The History of art and architecture

A photo of a mosque under the evening skies


The basic methods of construction being used from the past have been the same thousands of years later. Laying of bricks, stacking of stones, and leashing together wood is still done. But, there have been a significant number of innovations that have emerged. The use of glass materials has been one of these significant improvements. The aesthetic quality of architecture due to certain innovations is truly remarkable.

When it comes to art, it has been used for as long as architecture has been done. In the past, drawing and painting were done on the walls, but today use of digital gadgets to outlay different artworks is evident. This has made it possible to have different artworks to match different occasions and events in the world. Think of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world which uses different blends of art for different occasions.

In Summary:

There have been different innovations in the field of art and architecture. This has brought about different designs of art in architecture. The impact of art in architecture is immense.

A photo of the burj khalifa


Influence of Art on Architecture

Art has brought a different blend of design to architecture, thus spiking the perception of various buildings. Art has played different roles in architecture resulting in different inspirations. Some of the major influences of art in architectural designs are:

Immersion of artistic and unique designs on buildings

Art induces unique designs in architecture. An architect will give buildings their structure, but it is an artist or designer who designs the building. That’s why a lot of buildings have different architecture but similar art. This is because art is a way of expressing feelings through different masterpieces. 

A photo of a temple

Art is a way of communication in Architecture

We can equate architecture as the physical design of a building, whereas art is the ideological part of the design. How people relate to a building is art or the information they get from the building. This can be effective in communicating different information to an audience.  For example, use of different colors and patterns on buildings can express the artist’s/architect’s vision.

It Enhances Creativity

The enhancement of creativity is a great influence of art on architecture. Art makes architects increase their creativity to meet the different models of art. As a result, they come up with new ways they can blend their structures with different artworks. This leads to the use of modern architectural models.

A photo of a woman standing on the road near a concrete arch


Art Makes Architecture alive

There is an immense impact of art through the beauty it brings. Architecture by itself is not complete without the art that compliments it. When people say this building or house is beautiful, they are referring to the artistic elements.

Architecture needs art to turn bricks, concrete, and steel into a space that people want to interact and live in.

Importance of art in architecture

A shallow photo of a castle during the daytime


The connection of art to architecture is the best thing to happen in the field of construction.

  • Art is understood by all people despite diversity, thus it communicates to the masses.
  • It is convenient in acknowledging the role of art in society.
  • Art needs an appropriate environment for showcasing, this results in new designs coming up.
  • Art helps to create a brand identity with different visual effects.
  • It promotes teamwork to develop spectacular designs by artists and architects.
  • It is a great promoter of different cultures in the world.

Final Remarks

The connections between art and architecture throughout the history of human existence are very evident. It is appealing to most people and it inspires us to innovate and create even further. It also teaches us to collaborate to make great things even greater. When architects and artists come together, spectacular things happen.

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