Dog Backpacks, a Traveler’s Must-Have

Being apart from your beloved dog is not easy. However, this can all be changed with a simple item: a dog backpack. Having one is ideal as it is easy to use, convenient to carry and safe for your dog. In this article, we will discuss why dog backpacks are the ideal and must-have pet carrier for your travelling adventures.

owner taking dog on hiking trip

Does your furry buddy suffer from separation anxiety? Or do you just love travelling with them outdoors? Or are you looking for a safe way to bring them whenever you do everyday tasks like grocery shopping? Either way, we have something just for you!

Although there are other types of pet carriers out there, there’s nothing as safe and convenient to carry as dog backpacks. Once you own a dog backpack, you will consider it to be one of your travelling necessities whenever you decide to travel together with your furry companion. Unlike regular backpacks, a dog backpack has built-in features to make sure that your pup is safe and secured inside it. With that being said, it is just one of the many reasons why you should have one, it’s a travelling dog owner must-have. 


  1. Fully measure your dog’s size.
  2. Consult your veterinarian to check if a backpack carrier is suitable for your dog.
  3. Select a backpack appropriate for your dog’s size.
  4. Read the reviews of the product first… honest reviews can help you determine whether it’s a good product or not.
  5. Make sure that the dog backpack is made out of HIGH QUALITY materials.
  6. Opt for adjustable backpacks.
  7. Remember, security over style: the style of the dog backpack itself is not as important compared to its safety features. 
  8. NEVER purchase a regular backpack as an alternative. 



a-dog staring out the window


  1. Most Dog Backpacks are multi-purpose:
    One main advantage of owning a dog backpack is that most pet carriers of this kind are made for several purposes. Whether you go for a hike or run errands in the town or go somewhere that requires you to ride in public transportation, a backpack specifically made for dogs can be very helpful for your travelling needs.
  2. It strengthens the owner-dog bonding experience:
    Your dog would rather come join you outdoors than wait in the house for you all day. You can enjoy the view and chimes of the outside world along with your dog. Moreover, carrying them inside a dog backpack especially when it’s worn in front will allow you to have a unique bonding experience outside with your faithful companion.
  3. It gives your pup the protection he/she needs:
    One of the reasons why dog backpacks are an essential item whenever you travel is that they give you a worry-free mind knowing that your dog is safe and comfortable inside the carrier. It also helps in preventing your pup from getting chills and even catching a cold. Moreover, your mind will be at ease knowing that your pup won’t run off somewhere.
  4. A lot of Dog Backpacks are airplane approved:
    It’s hard to be apart from your dog when you are within a few kilometers so imagine how much harder it is to be apart from them over a longer distance. You can finally bring your pup alongside you during holidays, etc. as long as you have a dog backpack with you. Just check the airline qualifications for backpacks so that you won’t have a problem when you go to the airport with your dog.
  5. It’s easy to carry on your part:
    Of course, we’re not only concerned with the dog but also with the dog owner. Unlike other types of pet carriers, dog backpacks are comfortable for the owner when they wear it. It’s convenient to carry and it’s hands-free so that it gives you the chance to focus on other things as well. 

miibuddy dog backpack


  1. Tested safe for animals.
  2. Made out of high-quality, durable materials.
  3. Can carry dogs that weigh up to 40 lbs or 18.14 kgs (for large dog backpack).
  4. Sturdy and equipped with a thick bottom pad.
  5. Can be easily adjusted.
  6. Breathable with a cooling effect so that your dog doesn’t sweat too much.
  7. Has a safety collar attached inside the backpack that you can use so that your dog wouldn’t escape easily.
  8. The straps are moisture repellent (water-resistant) and permeable to air. 


Travelling as a dog owner can be stressful. You suffer separation anxiety from your dog, you think about their meals and so forth. Travelling with them can also be hard since it’s risky a lot of times. But having a dog backpack can change that since it solves the problem, putting your mind at ease… and it’s also more fun travelling with your furry buddy!

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