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We’re only a few days away from Christmas and some of us are probably still stressing about the perfect gifts that we should give to our loved ones. Now that we’re living through a pandemic, it’s even harder to go out for Christmas shopping. So why not give them a Paint by Numbers kit? In this article, we will discuss why Paint by Numbers kits are a great gift option this holiday season, as well as a few tips in selecting the perfect kit for your loved ones!

A gift wrapped for Christmas

This year’s Christmas season is totally different compared to the previous ones due to the coronavirus. Quarantine protocols are still strict in most places and going out to buy Christmas presents is not the best choice if you want to be safe. There are plenty of gift options that you can find online, including Paint by Numbers kits. But what makes Paint by Numbers kits different from all the other gift options that you can think of? Continue reading this article to find out.

Painting by Numbers is a hobby a lot of people enjoy so there’s no doubt that they will enjoy these kits! What’s great about Paint by Numbers is that they’re made for everyone regardless of age and artistic skill level. You may doubt whether your loved one will enjoy the kit or not, but trust us, once they start painting with the kit, they will most likely tell you that it’s one of the best gifts that they have ever received. 

What makes Paint by Numbers the perfect gift idea for the holiday:

  1. It’s affordable and convenient to buy:

    Best Paint by Numbers offers high quality kits that you will never regret buying. Our kits are affordable and our website makes it convenient for you to buy our kits because it’s just a click away! The price of our fixed designs starts at $28.95 USD while the customized kits starts from $34.95 USD. For customized kits, simply upload the photo of your choice and leave the rest to us. The best part is we offer free shipping anywhere around the world so that you can give your loved one a gift even though they’re far away, it will be delivered right at their doorstep (and even your doorstep too!)
    Delivery right to your doorstep

  2. Wide array of design collections:

    You’ll never run out of options with Best Paint by Numbers. Our site offers hundreds, if not thousands, of design options ranging from fixed kits like beautiful landscapes, flowers and even paintings of famous painters like Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. To make it even better, we also offer Custom Paint by Numbers where you can personalize Paint by Numbers kits that your loved ones will totally love! Think of the many great options including your most memorable photo with them, a portrait of their pets or even their most beautiful selfie!
    Best Paint by Numbers Choose your own size

  3. Paint by Numbers kits are a good keepsake to recreate memories:

    The fun never stops with Paint by Numbers. Apart from giving them a kit as a gift, why not invite them over to recreate memories together? Paint and relax together while comparing each other’s works and simply living in the moment. Nothing’s better than spending the holidays together with your loved ones, especially when you do something worthwhile with them. Don’t forget to frame your finished artwork once done so that the memories will never fade!
    A gift being presented to someone

  4. Complete set of basic painting essentials:
    Paint by Numbers is not only a perfect gift idea for your loved ones who are interested in art, it can even be given to those who rarely hold a paintbrush. Each kit contains a pre-printed canvas marked with numbers, a set of three basic brushes (1 small, 1 medium, 1 large) and a set of 24-color acrylic paints (for standard kits). Each kit is ready to be used so there’s no need to worry about paint-mixing or applying a primer to the canvas.

    Best Paint by Numbers paint set

  5. Paint by Numbers kits are made for everyone:
    Beginner or pro, artsy or not, kid or adult, Paint by Numbers has something specially made for everyone in order to unleash their inner artistic strengths that they probably do not know they possess. Moreover, the kits are not only great for adults, they’re also great for kids to keep them busy this holiday season while doing something fun and creative.

Tips when Selecting the Perfect Customized Kits for your loved ones:

Whether you buy a pre-designed kit or a customized one, one thing is for sure: The painting will last for a lifetime. Of course, when buying fixed kits, you have to consider their favorite object or favorite painter or art style. But what about the things you need to consider when buying a personalized kit for them? Read further to know more.

  • Consider their skill level. The main goal of a Paint by Numbers kit is to display the artwork when finished for keepsake. You don’t want to give them a kit that they won’t finish painting because they find it difficult.
  • Whether it’s their most beautiful selfie or your favorite photo together, make sure to select an image with a good brightness, contrast, and sharpness. Moreover, avoid selecting a blurred photo. We recommend that the photo should be clear, preferably high resolution if you want to have a good painting result.
  • It is ideal to select an image with a ratio of 4:5 considering that most of the sizes for the customized kits are 16 x 20 inches (40 x 50 cm).
  • The background shouldn’t be too cluttered so that the focus of the painting is the main subject.
  • Keep in mind the details! Details are everything and it will either make or break the painting.

Happy holidays from Best Paint by Numbers

There’s a saying that “a picture speaks a thousand words…” so why not make it into a painting with Best Paint by Numbers? With our unique kits, you will definitely speak more than a thousand words and the memories will never fade, especially when you keep them framed somewhere in your home.

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