Pros and Cons of a Hands-free Leash

A hands-free dog leash is an innovative pet accessory that allows you to multitask while walking your dog at the same time. This special dog leash won’t hurt your hands from carrying your furry buddy as you go out and about outside. All things have their pros and cons, so in this article, we will discuss the truth about hands-free dog leashes. 

miibuddy hands free dog leash

Leashes come in different types and varieties but we usually see the regular ones outside. Taking your dog out for an outside adventure, be it near or far from home, is a great activity for the both of you. Physical activities like running, jogging and biking can be so fun together with your loyal companion, but having them around a regular leash is quite a handful… literally. There is now a solution to that: opting for a hands-free leash.

The main benefit that you can get from a hands-free dog leash is that your hands don’t have to be occupied with a leash to bring your dog outside. However, it is still best to see if your dog really fits into this type of leash, and leash training is very important as well before you decide to put them in this pet accessory. 




brown and black beagle walking on green grass
  1. Suited for outdoor activities like walking, jogging, hiking, and biking.
  2. Made of high-quality materials to ensure the safety of your dog.
  3. Weatherproof materials
  4. Heavy duty clasps
  5. Customizable, available in three different colors: green, red, and black.



Despite the good qualities of these accessories, people, including veterinarians, have different opinions regarding the usefulness of this type of leash. For some, they recommend this leash for those dog owners with well-trained and well-behaved dogs. Your dog must be able to follow your vocal cues considering that you have limited control over the leash and your dog. 

However, if you think that your dog is not yet ready for this type of leash, hands-free leash training can be helpful so that you can modify your dog’s behavior, in order for them to follow commands better outside for your future outdoor activities.




dog on a leash staring at something
  1. Since the product doesn’t require you to use your hands in order to put and hold your dog on a leash, you have the ability to multitask.
  2. The quality of the leash is superb, allowing you to walk (or do other activities) with your dog with ease.
  3. Most hands-free leashes come with a fanny pack attachment that allows you to put your phone and other things.
  4. This type of leash also features a reflective bungee cord that can help you stay visible even in the dark.
  5. Allows you to have an intensive running marathon with your dog (canicross).




dog on a leash staring
  1. If your body frame is small and your dog is big, you’ll have a hard time controlling your walk.
  2. It’s not recommended for dogs who can’t follow cues and behave well in public.



Hands-free leashes do more good than harm as long as you take proper precautions as well as proper inside training together with your dog. It may take some time to get the hang of it, but you will get used to this type of leash. Remember to consult with your local vet before making a final decision. Moreover, we suggest that you buy a high-quality hands-free leash to ensure safety for you and your dog.

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