Professional Artist Kits: Worth the Try?

Professional Artist Kits are becoming trendy thanks to the internet and social media. When browsing online, thousands of products can be found but the question is: are they worth the buy? In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of buying professional artist kits and at the end of the article, we will provide some alternatives just for you.

A set of colored pencils to be used for a masterpiece

When we were children, we were introduced to an art supply set that usually included crayons, colored markers, erasers and watercolor contained in a rectangular plastic briefcase. Professional artist kits are basically the adult version  of those supplies that were sold as sets that include different art mediums depending on the type you’re planning to buy. 

Artist kits are great for beginners especially when you don’t want to hassle yourself with buying art supplies separately. Moreover, artist kits are great alternatives if you want to save money yet still want to buy all the art supplies you need for your art project. There are thousands, if not hundreds, of selections and brands that you can choose from. However, not all professional artist kits offer high-quality art medium, so you have to be careful with what you choose. Reading product reviews before buying can be a great help, especially if you want your purchase to be worth it. 

Before buying an artist kit, it is essential for you to consider the type of art project you’re planning to do. There are kits that specifically cater to your needs while there are also kits that provide a mix of mediums. Buying the latter can be a great advantage, especially when you’re new because it can help you determine which medium you like best.

Pros of Buying Professional Artist Kits:

  1. They are cheaper.

    Unlike buying art supplies separately, buying a set can save you a lot of money. Usually, standard art kits range between $25.00 USD to $50.00 USD while professional artist kits start from the price of $50.00 USD. When art supplies are bought individually, they will usually cost you twice as much as the art sets.
    Art supplies being prepped for use

  2. A great option for beginners.

    Buying art materials can be a herculean task especially for those who are only starting to venture into the art world. It can be overwhelming in a sense that it’s time-consuming and there are plenty of brands, plenty of types and plenty of options to buy. Having plenty of options can be good but if you want to start making art with ease, stick to professional art kits. These kits can also be a smart way to test out different types of pencils, paints, markers and so forth to help you determine which type you like best.
    Art supplies for a paint project

  3. Almost complete set.

    If you think about switching to a new medium or venturing to a different form of visual art, professional artist kits can provide nearly, if not all, the materials and tools you need for your art project in a single, convenient purchase. 
    Back to school supplies for an artist

  4. They’re excellent gifts.
    Art supplies not for you? Professional artist kits can be a great gift especially to a loved one who loves all things art. Whether it’s for a birthday, a thoughtful gift or a present this holiday season, art sets are definitely worth the buy especially when you’re in a rush and have a small budget.
    A brown colored gift box

  5. They’re portable.

    Most of the artist kits sold are stored in a handy plastic or wooden briefcase or a rolling pouch (for drawing tools sets). This can be a great advantage, especially when you’re a travelling artist so that you can have your supplies on the go just like if you had your own art studio at your fingertips, quite literally.
    Colored pencils on a table

Cons of Buying Professional Artist Kits:

  1. They can be a waste of money.
    While some artist kits are considered to be great and worth the buy, some artist kits are not. Due to the cheaper price, it is worth noting that the quality of the materials and tools are low grade. However, this can be avoided when you do research and read reviews about the art set that you’re planning to buy.

  2. Not all professional artist kits are affordable.

    Most people tend to go for art sets due to their affordability. Although plenty of affordable art sets can be found online, you should keep in mind that most of those sets value versatility and quality. If you’re looking for high-quality art sets, do expect that you need to spend more money than save. High-grade artist kits usually range from $80.00 USD up to $200.00 USD depending on the brand and type.

  3. Quality is subpar for professionals.
    Despite the term “professional,” a lot of professional artist kits are disappointing in terms of quality for most professionals. Most kits are usually limited with regards to color selection and pigment coverage is not so good either, which requires you to coat a lot of times in order for you to get good coverage, especially when it comes to layering one color over another.


A Great Alternative to Professional Artist Kits

A beginner planning to venture into painting? Or a professional looking for a new kit to get busy with? We have something made just for you!

Best Paint by Numbers offers high-quality Paint by Numbers kits with high-grade materials that won’t hurt your pocket. You can choose from hundreds, if not thousands of fixed designs and you can even personalize your own with Custom Paint by Numbers to make it extra special.

Whether you use it as a gift for your loved one this holiday season or simply a treat for yourself to relax, Paint by Numbers kits will surely not disappoint you. Our kits include a set of three basic brushes (1 small, 1 medium, 1 large), a set of 24-color acrylic paints, and a pre-drawn canvas marked with numbers.

The best part? We offer free shipping anywhere around the world. That way, you can gift your loved one/s from afar. To know more about Best Paint by Numbers, simply click here. 

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