Pet Accessory Upkeep: Make them Last

Apart from choosing high-quality pet accessories, you need to take care of them properly so that they last long. Not all accessories come with a warranty, so proper upkeep is a necessity. In this article, we will discuss the proper way of maintaining your accessories, keeping them clean and in good form.


woman feeding white and black dalmatian puppy

Grooming, hygiene, feeding and making sure that your loyal buddy is comfortable and secure are the top priorities as a dog parent. Pet accessories are deemed to be important by a lot of animal owners, for it makes their lives a bit easier. Not all accessories are low-budget hence it is why proper maintenance is essential. Apart from taking good care of your dog, upkeep of pet accessories is also important especially if the accessories are being used often or regularly come in contact with their tongue/mouth.

Apart from making sure that our dogs are well-taken care of, we also need to make sure that the pet accessories that we use on a day-to-day basis are well-maintained and in good condition because not all pet accessories come with a refund or warranty, plus, we simply don’t want stink, dirt and grime in their stuff. Here are methods to clean your pet’s accessories the right way.


1. Dog Bowls:

You can either clean their bowls through hand washing or by simply putting them in a dishwasher. For hand washing, use a separate sponge (for cleaning) and cloth (for drying). A regular dishwashing soap along with a thorough washing is enough to clean their food bowl, make sure that the sponge and cloth you’ll use is only for their bowls.
Using the dishwasher is also a good option, alongside with a non-toxic household detergent. Make sure to use the highest temperature setting to effectively kill the germs and bacteria.

dog going to nibble food

2. Collar:

Remember to clean the collar as often as you would wash your pup so that the collar won’t stink. Use dog shampoo and let it soak in hot water for about 10-20 minutes. After which, use a scrub to remove the excess dirt.


short coated white dog lying on grass

3. Dog Crate:

It is recommended to clean your dog’s crate every 2-4 weeks, depending on how messy your dog gets. When cleaning the crate, make sure to clean everything including the beddings, litter box, etc. but it must be done separately. Never use bleach. Instead, use natural disinfecting products and non-toxic cleaning solutions for best results.


two puppies laying in a crate

4. Dog Bed & Beddings:

If crates should be cleaned twice a month, dog beds and the beddings must be cleaned at least weekly to remove bad odors and fleeces. Make sure to use non-toxic detergents that can keep the beddings clean and fresh. Most dog beds are machine washable; if not, you can manually scrub it using a household scrubber.
On the other hand, you can simply load the beddings in the washing machine, let it thoroughly dry before using it again.


dog laying in his bed

5. Leash:

Sanitizing your dog’s leash is just the same process when sanitizing their collar. Simply soak it in hot water with a bit of shampoo for 10-20 minutes, scrub out the dirt and let it dry completely before using it.


small dog on a leash

6. Comb/Brush:

Upkeep of your pup’s brush should be done as regularly as possible, especially after using it. When cleaning the brush, make sure to soak it first in warm water with a shampoo for about 30 minutes or until the stuck dirt, hair, etc. is softened. After soaking, rinse it with clean water and use your fingers to remove the dirt. Finally, let it dry and spray disinfectant onto the brush.


a dog having her hair brushed

7. Dog Backpack:

There are plenty of dog backpack types so instruction on maintenance usually differs on the type and the brand as well. However, most dog backpacks have instructions provided on how to clean them, etc. so you can simply follow what’s on the manual.

little dog in her backpack

8. Jacket:

Sanitizing your dog’s jacket is pretty much the same with dog backpacks. Cleaning instructions depend on the brand so manufacturer’s manuals come with most dog jacket brands.

photo of dog wearing dog coat

9. Dog Toys:

Cleaning your dog’s toys should be done regularly, and it should also be checked regularly to see whether you should toss it out to the trash or not. It is better to hand wash their toys than put them in a dishwasher because some plastic and nylon toys are not dishwasher safe, hence the toy could lose it’s shape and can even release unsafe chemicals.

When hand washing their toys, make sure to use a separate sponge or cloth.


photo of dog with favorite chew toy

10. Harness:

Most harnesses are made out of nylon so they are machine washable. Some even come with an instruction manual on how to machine-wash it so all you have to do is follow it. If none, you can hand wash with warm water and soap, and wash it the way you wash a dog jacket or backpack.


photo of a dog in a harness

11. Litter box:

Cleaning your dog’s litter box should be done regularly. Since litter boxes usually have grass on the inside, you can replace and clean them once every two weeks. If the litter box is made out of soil on the inside, it is recommended that it should be cleaned at least daily. Make sure to have gloves, cleaning detergent and a scrubber on the side for easier clean-up.


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