Painting like the old masters

To paint like the old masters, the main objective is to gain from the tasteful sensibilities of the craftsman you decide to duplicate from. This is vital to creating taste or connoisseurship. Besides, you need to figure out how the craftsman moved toward shading, value, edges, plan, or arrangement. I attempt to give close consideration to how edges are dealt with and where the craftsman settles on complex choices rather than unbending what can be noticed.

Thus, you should be precise. This is the most un-significant, yet at the same time of incredible worth. I say this because segments of the painting are close to difficult to duplicate with precision and paint similarly to that of the old expert. If the first composition was finished with enormous brushwork that feels unconstrained and free, you would prefer not to get out the littlest brush and attempt to copy a solitary brush stroke with 100 little strokes, just to show how fastidious you can be.

I recommend that painting with comparative power and way as the first craftsman will be substantially more significant to imitate, than making a wonderful duplicate that passes up the procedure.

A photo of an Easter being painted


A painting of a girl with a watering can



How to Paint like the Master Painters

    1)   Choose your Master

To start with, find artwork from a painter that inspires you. The primary choice is picking a picture to work with.

    2)   Prepare your Surface

Use gesso to prime your canvas to have a better canvas surface to work with. Unprimed canvas can lead to disastrous results. As an alternative, you can buy a pre-primed stretched canvas to skip this process.

    3)  Grid up

In getting ready to duplicate the attraction to your board, place a 1×1-inch framework over your source picture, at that point delicately draw a similar proportion network on your material. Try not to make this excessively dim or probably it’ll appear on the other side.

    4)  Create a sketch or drawing to guide you as you paint

You don’t have to deliver out every one of the qualities when drawing your work of art. Attempt to restrict your attraction to simply the milestones that you’ll have to help in your canvas. Search for huge shapes and characterized shadows. The sole motivation behind this stage is to help your last artwork, as opposed to winding up with a completely delivered drawing. 



With the point recorded above, I realize you ought to have the option to paint like the old experts painted and give yourself a novel style of the craftsman you decided to duplicate.

Go paint like the old master painters!

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