Make a Better Team – Find Out Which Creative Type You Are

Whenever we build a team for a major creative task, we give each member certain responsibilities through which our team finishes that task. Sometimes, it works perfectly, especially when every member is doing what they are good at. But sometimes, things don’t work out. That’s because we may have given members responsibilities that just did not fit them. So, how do we build an ideal team? The answer lies within finding out the creative type of each member. We have put together this whole guide to assist you with this particular task. Let’s dive in.

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If we build a team in which every member gives the ideal output, things would be very easy for us. The only way that can happen will be when each member is given the responsibility of doing something they are good at. That is why it is quite essential to ask each member, which creative type are you? There’s a creative type quiz by Adobe featuring 15 personality questions that identify the core creative personality of people by analyzing the logical or lateral ways we use to make decisions. The results are quite accurate, and they can help one to build a team of ideal collaborators. Let’s take a look at all eight creative types.

The Artist

The engineers are the ones building the world, but the artists are the ones that make the world worth living in. All they see is beauty and all they create is beauty. If you are fond of bringing abstraction into life, then your creative strength is that of an artist. The creative personality of an artist is full of visions and ideas, and it is driven to express fearlessly. The work of an artist speaks to others on a very deep level. It inspires people to look at the world in new ways. So, if you find yourself close to anything that we mentioned above, go a little deeper to find if you truly are an artist. Perhaps, you are a painter, so start here, or whichever creative corner resides within you. In short, follow your creative impulses.

The Thinker

The thinker is the one that always resides in deep thoughts and always has big questions in their mind. If you are always curious about your surroundings and always striving to find and create meaning, then you are a thinker. As a thinker, you see the world as an opportunity to learn, discover, and seek the truth. You are gifted by the depth of perception and sense of wonder. That intellectual curiosity generates some serious electrical activity in your brain. The thinker is the one who never misses out on the bigger picture and the deeper meaning. You’ll always find a thinker engaged with the inner world of ideas.


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The Adventurer

The adventurer is the one that has loads of creative energy. He’s always committed to perfecting one specific skill or project; he features a spirit of curiosity and play endless enthusiasm, and he always follows what fascinates him. Once an adventurer is onto learning something, he’ll never leave it unless he perfects it, and that is why you will always find the adventurer is multi-talented. The adventurer is a fast learner. He has a true renaissance personality, always picking up new skills and mixing different experiences efficiently.

The Maker

The maker is full of dedication and focus, and he’s always striving to achieve mastery. He always finds joy and plays in the process of making something creative. He’s also not afraid to take creative risks. The maker will always give an output in three-dimensional form by manifesting different ideas and visions. You will always find the maker busy solving problems in a very quiet way full of focus and dedication.

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The Producer

For the producer, the processing is his power. He features strong leadership skills and can make things happen. His highly creative nature features the “get it done” attitude, which is very analytical, dynamic, pragmatic, and people-oriented. You will always find the producer motivating and inspiring others in a very collaborative way. A natural organizer that can make everyone and everything work together.

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The dreamer’s power is unleashed imagination, emotions, sensitivity, and empathy. The dreamer has ways of using dreams to make the real-world action. A dreamer with his vivid imagination roams in his mental landscape of fantasies, emotions, and thoughts and later gives it all out through visual arts and music. He’s the magical realist who naturally infuses life with wonders of beauty and imagination.

The Innovator

The innovator is always generating new ideas, and he will give the most innovative solutions. An innovator is a master of executing ideas. He always craves to find new innovative ways of doing things, and one day, he will be striving to make the world a better place for us with his innovation. He’s not afraid of change as an innovator who always likes to experiment and play with new ideas. You can think of an innovator as a creative powerhouse as you will never find him bored, whether it’s the messy middle, or the beginning, or the finishing line of the project.

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The Visionary

The visionary can find possibilities and potentials everywhere. He’s full of big ideas and visions and uses them to fill up daily consistent action. For the visionary person, the only boundary is his vision and beliefs. He’s very introspective and intuitive, featuring a keen interest in life and a deep desire to help society. The visionary is very charismatic and expressive in sharing his ideas and visions, and you will find him guiding other people to find an invisible horizon.

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Key Takeaways

Now that you are familiar with the concept of creative types, you should go ahead and make your team take the test so that you will never find yourself stuck somewhere. If members are doing something that they are fond of, work does not feel like work. Rather, it’s just considered as an activity for them. An ideal team is something that you can’t risk losing. Perhaps, your team can become the reason for producing something great.

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