How To Control The Activeness of Your Dog

Most dogs are naturally active due to breed or age, but it may also be due to your dog’s personality. Fortunately, all high-energy dogs need is a variety of outlets for releasing their pent-up energy. These high-energy dog essentials will keep your canine friend cool and manageable.
Dog and chewy dog bone

High-energy dog breeds are prone to restlessness, particularly if you haven’t found a solution that works for both you and your pet. This is true for fully grown dogs and puppies.



If your dog has a lot of energy and you’re having trouble doing things like sitting on the sofa, cooking dinner, cleaning, and relaxing, you can do more research to figure out what your dog wants from you. The majority of the breeds that live in our homes today were not raised to sit on a sofa in a comfortable home surrounded by walls. They had jobs before they were born, and instinct is stronger than any teacher on the planet. Knowing your breed’s background is important, not just for understanding what they were bred for, but also for developing a training strategy. Understanding the past history of your dog’s breed is the first step in understanding why they seem to need to be hyper, active, and race around the house.

Working dog breeds are common pets today, but they were bred to work alongside humans for a long time.

Hunting dogs are raised to live only for hunting. Herding dogs are bred to think for themselves or to follow their masters’ orders as they chase cattle up and downhill. Sled dogs are bred to run and pull as part of a team for long periods.

Dogs with a strong work ethic need less preparation to perform their tasks; for the most part, pointers naturally point, Labradors naturally love to retrieve, and Border collies naturally eye and collect everything they recognize as their herd, given they are from working lines.

As a result of being bred to work alongside humans, most working dogs are naturally biddable and polite. Their deep desire and boundless energy, on the other hand, can make them difficult pets.



High-energy breeds aren’t for the faint of heart. The intellect, biddability, and elegance of high-energy breeds, on the other hand, can easily make owning one worthwhile.

These are tried and true solutions to tiring out your high energy dogs:

1. Take Daily Trips to the Dog Park: For an athletic breed, a stroll isn’t always enough. Stimulation is what’s lacking. Taking your dog to the dog park every day is one of the best things you can do for them. They’ll be able to run around off leash, play with their mates, and nose around until they’re completely exhausted. Trips to the dog park will also help your pet socialize properly. Establish a regular dog park romp as part of your routine so that your dog becomes used to it. When you’re ready, they’ll be ready to unwind.

Dogs running

2. Go to the Beach: If you live by a beach, it’s full of nice smells, people and other dogs to greet, and endless sand on which to run with your dog or throw the frisbee. You can let your dog play around or jump for a floaty toy in the waves, which are often a good source of entertainment.
Furthermore, the negative ions in the ocean air can soothe your nerves and make you feel comfortable and secure. You’ll feel great and have a very happy puppy by the time you both get home. Both of you will find yourself in a win-win situation!

Man and dogs on a beach

3. Get In Some All Day Play: And if you’re at home with your dog all day, taking them to a daycare centre once a week is a perfect way to keep them occupied. They’ll be able to spend the whole day with their families, which is a perfect way to maintain their socialization. Your dog would want to sleep for the remainder of the evening (and possibly the next day!) after playing and running around the daycare yard all day.

Dog playing with toys

4. Make Open Fields Your Friends: Find an unused soccer field or a wide grassy field that is open to the public. Then toss the ball or frisbee as hard as you can and watch your dog chase it down. Repetition is essential!

Dog playing on the field

5. Go for a Hike: With an 85-pound lab, apartment (or small house) living is difficult, particularly in a big city like San Francisco. That’s why going for a walk with your dog is a perfect way to exhaust them. Your healthy dog’s mind will be stimulated by the sound of birds, the smell of forest animals, and various sights. Furthermore, the change of scenery will help them shake things up as well. Good hiking trails may be nearby.

Woman and dog hiking1


1. ChuckIt: ChuckIt ball launchers have been expanding fetch sessions and preventing countless dislocated shoulders for a few years, but they still deserve to be at the top of our list of toys that can wear out your hyper dog. To make the most of your playtime, avoid handling a slobbery tennis ball and throw up to three times further.

2. Indoor launcher: Anyone who has tried to play ball inside (dog or man) knows how devastating it can be, and this soft and squishy ChuckIt is no exception. Its rendition ensures the safety of your belongings.

3. Treat Maze: This fun and vibrant “smart toy” with inner compartments to conceal treats and inspire your dog to problem-solve combined mental and physical exercises.

4. Interlocking puzzle modules: Delicious treat tidbits fall out as your dog plays and solves problems, encouraging further exploration. This mentally challenging gift can keep your dog busy all day and is both aesthetically pleasing and doggie mind teasing.

5. Buster Activity Mat: Keep their minds occupied with the BUSTER Activity Mat on rainy days when going to the park isn’t an option. This starter mat includes three brain-teasing games, and once your dog has mastered them, you can add more puzzles to keep its mind active.

6. Dog Tornado Interactive Toy: The Dog Tornado, similar to a Masters class for your dog, will seem too difficult at first, but with a little practice, your dog will be cracking this code faster than that guy from The Da Vinci Code.

7. Clicker Training and Obedience Classes: Send your dog to school if their hunger for information is unquenchable. Obedience and other training courses are excellent ways to keep a dog’s mind occupied and redirect their excess energy into more positive (and less destructive) habits.

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