How to put on a dog jacket

The winter season always gets cold for dogs who often struggle to withstand these low temperatures. This season makes the dog prone to the flu. It can also be the case when going for hikes and the pet is affected by the cold nights. That’s why you need a solution to combat this. For these cases, dog jackets are important to prevent colds. But, this is often not enough, you also need to know how to put on a dog jacket.
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Putting on a dog jacket is not rocket science, but it still requires some attention to detail. This is necessary for the jacket to fit the dog. Moreover, this makes the puppy comfortable in their attire. You can have a good dog sweater or jacket that is waterproof and meets all the standards but then you fail to put it on correctly, thereby rendering the entire attire useless.

For that reason, it is necessary to learn how to put on a dog jacket. This will ensure improved effectiveness. This article is all about that – steps to take to train your dog to wear a jacket. This will be done step by step to ensure your dog is well dressed.



Yes, the goal is to put on the dog jacket, and there are many ways to do this. But, not all of them are effective. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t worry you because there is a better way to do it. Here are the recommended steps;

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1. Choose the Dog Jacket

There are many dog jackets out there to choose from. Therefore, the first step is to choose among all these jackets which one will serve you right. Consider the shape, size, and materials used. For the size and shape, ensure it matches your dog. Do this by measuring the neck and body circumference of your dog. For the material, choose one which will be convenient depending on the prevalent weather condition. A waterproof jacket will be the best choice. Moreover, you can check the color and choose what you and your dog like.

2. Introduce the dog to the Jacket

At first, your dog won’t buy the idea of putting on a dog jacket. This is quite common because the dog isn’t familiar with it. Begin by showing your dog the jacket. At least this should make the idea of a jacket not feel strange. In the process, start giving treats to the pup. This will make the dog associate the jacket with good things and serves as a positive reinforcement that will ensure it takes less time to introduce the jacket.

3. Make the dog familiar with the material

Your dog or puppy has probably never had material on top of its fur. This will make it feel comfortable when you familiarize it with the jacket’s material. Get the dog comfortable touching the jacket, but don’t put on a dog jacket yet. Do this for a couple of days for it to adapt to the new item. Give your pet a treat to let them know that the jacket is a positive item for them that will do no harm.

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4. Try putting on the Dog Jacket

After several days of making your puppy like the jacket, it’s now time to put it on. This will be a tussle at first but with time, it will adapt. Thus, you need to be patient. Try putting the jacket on and as you do this you can give it basic commands that will put its focus on you. Then, do it slowly. If you are successful, the dog will be in its full attire within a short time. At this moment give it a treat as a reward.

In case you experience challenges putting on the dog jacket, here are the steps to take.

  • Get the head through the jacket – Fold the jacket and hold it pointing towards the dog’s head. Be careful as the dog will tend to resist. Next, put the jacket through the head. A side note – Ensure the jacket is not inside out. 

  • Place the first arm through – Now, put the first arm through the jacket. The key is to hold the arm then pull it slowly forward and you pull the jacket to the back. Be careful not to clinch the dog’s arm. Finally, insert the arm into the armhole.

  •  Move on to the next arm– You are now halfway. Take the other arm and pull it through the jacket. Then, place it in the other armhole.

  •  Pull your sweater down – Finally, pull the jacket towards the back. This will call for you to pull the edges from the back of the dog. Next, position the jacket to fit the dog.
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5. Check if the jacket fits well

Check the tightness of the jacket to ensure it is not too tight to the pup. Emphasize the armpits, the chest area, and the neck. You can put your two fingers between the jacket and the body. If they fit then it’s okay, otherwise, the jacket is too tight. Ensure there is adequate space in case your buddy needs to use the bathroom.

On the same note, ensure the dog itself is comfortable. You can call it over using treats and note how it’s going to respond.

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That’s how to put on a dog jacket. Your puppy needs it and you, therefore, ought to do it in the right way. When you take the above steps over the course of some days, within a short span, the dog will become accustomed to the jacket, and you will encounter minimal struggles when you try to put it on. Like any other dog training, patience and consistency are key. In the long run, ensure the dog jacket is well-fitting on your furry friend. Moreover, ensure you opt for a quality jacket for amazing results.

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