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A lot of dog owners ask this question: should my dog wear a dog jacket? This has been a long debate in the animal world. While clothing can make your dog safe, stylish, and covered, it can also make them extremely uncomfortable as it can restrict their movements. Thus, it is also not in their nature to wear clothes. However, there is an adage that says ‘a coin has two sides.’ That’s why today, we’ll find out the pros and cons of dog jackets. Read this article if you wanna learn more so that it can help you to weigh your options.


dog on a leash and jacket

Dog jackets are very ideal during the cold winter season, especially for dogs who are not inherently furry. Before you ultimately decide on whether or not you should purchase a jacket for your loyal companion, looking at the pros and cons of dog jackets can be helpful in giving you a deeper insight about the product. Moreover, it is essential to look for a high quality, good-fitting, and durable jacket that can withstand any weather. At the end of the article, we will give you a special dog jacket offer that is exclusive for our store customers. 


Weighing Out the Option: Pros and Cons of Dog Jackets

The Positive Side

1. Comfort and warmth:

Dogs deserved to be treated like humans, too. Just like us, they need comfort and warmth, especially during cold weather. Dogs may have fur, but not all breeds have enough fur to protect them from hypothermia–a medical condition wherein someone, in this case, your dog, loses heat in their body system which drops down their temperature fast. A good dog jacket can help in insulating them against cold weather that can make them uncomfortable.


Black dog in snow

2. Provides anxiety relief:

Pet clothings are not just designed to make your dog look stylish, they’re also made to calm your dog during anxiety-provoking situations. Dog jackets are made to gently hug your dog to calm them during times of anxiety, fear, and over-excitement. The gentle pressure that your dog can feel in his body through the jacket can soothe and calm the senses of your dog which also gives them a sense of security.


dog in life jacket

3. Ideal for old dogs:

Older dogs need extra protection. Old dogs are just like humans who can experience joint problems, pain, as well as other aches related to aging. When buying a jacket for your old dog, make sure that it fits perfectly and that they won’t get uncomfortable wearing it. Since dog jackets are not a one size fits all, it takes time for them to get comfortable so practicing with them wearing clothing would be a great help, however, keep in mind that coercion is different from practice.


dog in blue jacket

4. Protection from other elements:

Dog jackets are not only designed to protect your dog from cold weather and hypothermia, they’re also designed to protect them from dirt, rain, etc. Dog jackets are also used as a protective barrier for the skin, suitable for dogs with allergies, irritation, and sensitive skin. Another pro of having a dog jacket is that it can be used as protection for humans allergic to fur– but make sure that the weather is cold enough before you put them on a dog jacket.


dog in pink jacket

5. Bonding opportunity for you and your dog:

Introducing your dog to a new dog jacket is an enrichment activity for your relationship that can build up trust. The more you practice letting them wear a dog jacket, the more they get used to it and once they feel its benefits, the more they will trust you.

The Negative Side

1. May create an allergic reaction:

Some types of fabric may cause irritation and allergic reactions for dogs with sensitive skin. It is important to observe the fabric material composition of the jacket as it may contain components that are not suitable for your dog’s skin. If your seeing the following symptoms, immediately stop putting the jacket on your dog and consult your veterinarian:

  • Redness, itching, and inflammation
  • Sneezing
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Swelling

2. Not suitable for all breeds:

Some breeds are genetically able to withstand cold temperatures due to their thick coat and fur. It would be unnecessary to dress breeds like Siberian huskies, pomeranians, and chow chows in a jacket due to their physical features and inherent ability to adapt well in cold weather.


White puppy

3. Safety concerns and health hazards:

Some dog jackets have small materials that can be easily swallowed by your furry buddy which represents a choking hazard. If your dog tends to have destructive behavior which includes chewing on random objects, be wary and make sure to keep a close eye on them whenever they wear a jacket. 


4. Not suitable for all weather conditions:

Dressing up your dog in a jacket in sunny weather may not be a good idea as it can cause them to overheat; dog jackets are specifically made for cold climates and winter season only.


It may be fun to introduce your dog to new things and experiences but make sure that they’re 100% safe and comfortable. Now that you know the pros and cons of dog jackets, it’s time for you to decide if you and your dog really need it.

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