The leash for walking your dog that will make your life a little bit easier


In our lives, we try to achieve maximum convenience and ease or to state it even better, we try to avoid the challenging, the difficult, and the hard stuff. That’s the default human nature, it’s what we all do. If we didn’t seek an easier lifestyle that would benefit the world, we wouldn’t have cars to move around, we wouldn’t have phones to communicate, and we wouldn’t have TVs to learn the new. However, because of our nature, we are blessed to have all these conveniences. That’s why humans created this leash for walking your dog, to make your life easier.


miibuddy leash elastic v2 function

As you can see from the photo above, it’s not like an ordinary leash. It does not have anywhere to grab because you don’t need to grab it. It’s a hands-free leash and it’s obvious that you’ve already started thinking how convenient this would be for you and of course for your dog. If a
leash for walking your dog is currently on your wishlist, then this hands-free leash might be the best option, and before you start downloading any doubts, we suggest you keep reading because we would truly be doing you a disservice if we didn’t give you the chance to find out how this leash is going to benefit your life.


So, in this article, you’ll explore how this leash can prove helpful for your daily walks with your dog, and of course, you’ll find out where you can buy it online for a reasonable price. Sounds good, right?


1. Hands-Free


Hands free


I guess this one is the most obvious benefit. But still, it’s worth pointing out. And let’s be honest, leashes are kind of annoying. Having both of your arms free makes it feel like walking without a leash, and still being able to control where your dog goes. If your dog was trained enough to stay by your side when walking, not getting initiated when seeing other animals, and not pooping in other people’s backyards, you wouldn’t even need a leash. But unfortunately, this comes after long years of training, which a few dogs have. 

So we created an alternate option that keeps your hands free when walking your dog, while still being able to control where he moves. With that, you can do whatever you want, hold your coffee, play with your phone, hold your small children if you have, or you can hold water for your little friend in case he gets tired.

2. Elastic/Flexible Bungee


miibuddy leash elastic v2 function

Your dog can now move away freely and with more ease and you’ll still have them under control. That’s not something a regular leash can offer. Whenever you go out, your dog’s adrenaline and excitement floats, something that makes him/her go everywhere. With a regular leash, you’ll be pulled back and forth which to be frank, is kind of annoying. 

However, that’s something that this hands-free leash is trying to fix. Whenever you pick up the leash to walk your dog out you just tie it on your waist, and you start going to your regular work, without your dog pulling you. Because of its elasticity, the leash can reach up to 82’’ length which is enough space for your dog to express him or herself and still be under your control. 


3. Poop Bag Dispenser


Woman holding a dog and a bag


What you are probably thinking right now is how much you don’t like picking up your dog’s poop, but we all know that it’s necessary for a cleaner environment. In many countries, it’s illegal to leave your dog’s poop on the ground and you can be charged up to $500. However, along with this hands-free leash, you get a poop bag dispenser so that every time you go for a walk, you just pick them up with a plastic bag, and place in the dispenser.

4. Durable



Unlike many leashes out there, this hands-free leash is much more durable. Because of its ability to flex on a much higher length, it’s ideally designed to endure strong dogs, something that regular leashes can’t do. If you have a dog who likes to chew his leash then having just a regular leash will become even more costly as you need to keep buying new leashes. 

A leash for walking your dog can be found everywhere. But, if you have had a dog for years, you’ve most probably realized that leashes can be destroyed easily. However, this hands-free leash can endure strong pulls and of course strong teeth which will make your life as a pet owner a little bit easier.


5. Extra Clips For More Than One Dog


Man walking with dog

If you pay attention to the pictures above, you can see that at the end of the leash, there are extra clips where you can attach more than one dog. This is extra helpful for pet owners who own more than one dog. Can you imagine having like 2-3 dogs who need to go for a walk? Holding 3 different leashes and trying to control 3 different dogs simultaneously is a total nightmare. 

If your job is to take care of other people’s dogs or if you have a dog shelter then this will come in handy for you. It will take so much stress off your shoulders. 

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