New Year, New Skills: Skills for 2021

2020 has been a rough year for most of us and now that it’s 2021, we’re off to a fresh start. Whether you’re aiming to become a better person or you want to learn things for fun, these ten useful skills which you can cultivate this year will surely help you grow, equip you with new knowledge and experience for a better and more productive 2021.

 A bulletin board for the new year

Did you ever make plans last year, when you had plenty of spare time due to the coronavirus lockdown, to read lengthy books, watch classic films, learn a new language, etc. but never got around to it due to some reasons? Well, now is your chance to do those things. Lockdown may be over in some places and you may not have as much spare time as last year, but still, learning something new means more productivity and new skills to learn means more time for yourself.

We may be getting older, but we’re never too old to learn new skills. Usually, we try to add skills because they could help us in our careers or because we want to impress someone, but this year, let’s try to learn new skills for personal development, to challenge ourselves and serve as reminders to us that it’s okay to be a beginner.

Ten Useful Skills to Learn this Year:

  1. Digital Literacy:
    Now that we are living in the age of modern technology, learning how to use technology is more relevant than ever. Digital literacy is not just about learning how to program or code, it’s also about knowing how to use your technology to its fullest potential.
    There are plenty of online courses (some are free) that can help you utilize your computer, tablets or phones more effectively. Find online courses that will teach you how to use various digital platforms, graphic design, web development and so much more. 
    A young lady typing on her laptop

  2. Speak a New Language:

    Another useful skill to learn this year is how to speak a new language. It may seem difficult to pick-up a foreign language as an adult, but there are online courses and free apps that can guide you along the way. 

    To start with your language-learning journey, you need to select a language that interests you the most. It could be a language that your foreign friend speaks or the dialect of the place you’ve been wanting to visit, and so forth.
    A young lady improving her vocabulary

  3. Organizing and Self-management:

    This is not only a new skill to learn to declutter your life in all aspects, it’s also a habit that you need to cultivate. Learning how to organize, tidy things up and manage yourself can bring life-changing results. 

    Start this by making a habit of keeping a daily journal/planner, cleaning your room (and eventually, your whole house) and upcycling unused objects into D-I-Y organizers.
    A 2021 to-do list

  4. Learn a New Instrument:

    Take advantage of the internet at this modern age and choose an instrument of your choice. It may sound difficult, but there are plenty of online sites that offer free tutorials and paid courses for beginners that can help you.

    A person playing a piano

  5. Writing:

    It sounds elementary, right? You may know how to write but have you considered improving your writing skills? Sure, you may not dream of becoming a writer or a best-selling author, but having amazing writing skills can bring so many benefits to your life. This useful skill could help you get a better job/job promotion, land you new opportunities and help you communicate more clearly.

    Woman writing in notebook on a bed

  6. Learn the art of zen and mindfulness:
    With all the fuzz and buzz that happened last year, meditation is another useful skill to learn this 2021. Learning the art of zen and mindfulness can bring drastic benefits for your mental health, especially in coping up with stress and anxiety. There are plenty of guides available on the internet that can give you techniques to meditate effectively.
    A woman meditating in her room

  7. Improve your artistic skills:

    The arts cover a wide scope of subjects including painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic arts (a.k.a. Visual arts). There’s no reason for you to not learn art these days due to the bountiful resources on the internet that can teach you how to draw, paint, sculpt, etc. Moreover, you can also improve your creativity with craft kits such as Paint by Numbers kits or d-i-y arts and crafts at home.
    A potter at work

  8. Cooking and Baking Skills:

    Learning these skills is more useful than ever now that we spend most of our time at home. If you miss eating out at fancy restaurants, teach yourself how to cook meals like a pro and make show-stopping meals and desserts without spending a fortune. Thus, this fun activity can also be a great bonding experience when you cook and bake together at home.

    A lady teaching her daughter how to bake

  9. Vegetable Gardening:
    Have you ever dreamt of having your own mini herb garden? Or growing fruits and vegetables at home? Make it happen this 2021 by improving your garden at home! Instead of planting inedible grass and plants that are quite unnecessary, why not plant something edible that can be used as a healthy addition to your meals? There are plenty of seeds that you can buy online, as well as tutorials that can help you grow vegetables at home.
    Some vegetables from a home garden

  10. Personal financing:

    This is arguably the most important and useful skill that you must cultivate in the list so far. Financing is not really something that we learn from our parents and it is very limitedly taught in schools. Hence, this is why you should learn this skill by attending seminars, reading books regarding this subject, and learning about investing, money management, budgeting, retirement planning and so forth.

    Financial calculations being carried out

Useful Skills to Learn, More Wisdom to Earn

These ten useful skills provided on the list are not the only skills that you should start learning this year, the sky’s the limit when acquiring new things and there are much more abilities to discover and learn. These ten skills are just examples that you are never too old to learn something new. 



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