Dog Training Essentials: What You Need and Why You Need It


Having a dog is more than just having a companion. It’s like having a second child that you need to take care of and train. And just like having a child, you need to cater to all their needs for the sake of their well-being. Thus, you also need to train them so that they will grow with proper manners. Hence, dog training must begin as early as 7 to 8 weeks old (basic command training) while formal training should begin by 6 months old. However, if your dog is a bit older than that, you can still start training. You just need more patience though because older dogs are significantly harder to train but still worth doing so regardless. Most dog owners are afraid whenever they start hearing the words “dog training” so the role is often passed to dog trainers and experts. Though nothing is completely wrong with that, you need to teach them the basics because you’re their parent or owner. And their parents or owner must be their first teacher.


Dog sitting on a grass

Do not feel intimidated by dog training because we’re here to guide you. In this article, we will extensively discuss the dog training essentials you need and the reasons why you need them in order to prepare you. Being prepared is one of the most important dog training essentials because it allows you to be ready for what is to come. 


It is more than a delight having a dog. That is, if your dog is fully trained and well-mannered. Walks in the park are easier and stress-free, destructive behaviors are less, they’re more joyous to be with, potty trained, and less likely to chew on random household items. How delightful is that? Regardless of their behavior, we should love our dogs as much as we can, but if they’re fully-trained, dog-parenting life can be a whole lot easier.


Dog Training Essentials that You Must Have for a Successful Outcome



1. A Dog Training Guide:

First of all, you need to be prepared, knowledge wise. If you do not plan to seek advice from dog training experts, then you should at least have a dog training guide written by experts. You should be equipped with enough knowledge on how to properly train a dog before you begin the training process. A dog training guide is very essential and you need to choose one based on your needs and your dog’s personality. Thus, find a guide that has simple and concise instructions alongside the theories behind the techniques so that you’ll understand them better and apply it based on your dog’s circumstances.

Dog lying on grass

2. Dog leash:

In order for the training to be effective, you need to train your dog in different environments and surroundings. Doing this would tell them that obedience does not start and end at home and they should obey your commands and behave well wherever they go. Thus, having a dog leash alongside you is also necessary for leash training– another type of training that your dog should go through in order for them to know the proper manners when a leash is put around their neck. Note that you shouldn’t use the leash to threaten or harm your pet as it could lead to fear and trauma.


Brown dog lying on grass

3. Treats:

Food and treats are dog training essentials that you shouldn’t forget in order to motivate your dog even more to participate in the training process. Usually, treats elicit a natural response from dogs to your cues and commands. However, treats shouldn’t be the solution and the only rewards that you give. “Life rewards” such as praises and body gestures should also be used because too many treats can cause obesity so use them sparingly. Another reason why you shouldn’t solely depend on treats is that your dog might have the impression that they should only follow you when there are treats; which is wrong. Hence, you need to learn the right timing and the right amount of treats to give during training.


Dog wearing white and blue shirt

4. Dog clicker:

This device has been popular among experts and animal trainers and as years go by, they’re getting increasingly popular among owners who want to train their dogs at home. A dog clicker is a training tool used alongside the positive reinforcement method during training. This is a simple tool that reaps positive benefits and an effective training system. When your dog does something right, you click the device indicating that they have done a good job. It is used alongside dog treats but as time goes by, the frequency of giving treats would be lessened and all what’s left as a reward system would be the clicker. 

Miibuddy dog training clicker


5. Toys:

Training is not just about learning, it’s also about having fun and bringing the two of you together, as well as strengthening the bond for a more healthy and trusting relationship. Dogs have a short attention span so you need to be creative to catch their attention. As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t fully rely on treats to catch their attention as well as reward them. Hence, the role of dog toys enters into the training. Have fun with them, teach them to follow commands with toys, reward them by playing with them after, and so forth.


chihuahua dog playing

6. Water:

As obvious as it sounds, water is also one of the dog training essentials that you shouldn’t forget because your dog needs occasional breaks too. Don’t forget to keep them hydrated during training and don’t overtire them. Training sessions should only take up to 15 minutes maximum, according to dog training experts. Any training longer than that would just dull their motivation and probably waste your effort.  To store the water in a very efficient way, a portable dog water bottle that is lightweight and easy to use is suggested.

Dog with miibuddy portable waterbottle


Important Takeaways

You do not need much to start training your dog. Obedience training must begin at home but you should show them that proper manners should be maintained both inside and outside your home. It is best to consult an expert if you want to have a good training foundation. Moreover, preparation is key, just like knowledge and these dog training essentials must be present before you start.

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