Backpack for Dogs: The Do’s and Don’ts

If you carry out urban activities/travel a lot, you might’ve seen dogs being carried inside a backpack. If  so, maybe you should consider buying one for you and your furry pal’s next outdoor adventure. Read this article if you wanna learn the proper guidelines to follow when selecting a backpack for dogs.

doggy having a fun time in backpack

Dogs are just like us humans who need to be safe, secure and comfortable every time we go out for our daily adventures. We love them as much as we love ourselves and that is why it is hard to be apart from them. 

One of the best features of having a dog backpack is that they’re easy to use and lightweight. Having such won’t provide discomfort on your part but is still 100% safe for your dog. A backpack for dogs is highly recommended for those owners with small pooches, young pups or dogs who are not suited to long hours of walking, trips, hiking, etc. These pet carriers are not “one size fits all” so it is very important to do extensive research. You should read the product description, check the photos and read numerous reviews before selecting the backpack you wanna purchase. 

There are plenty of things that you need to consider such as the quality of the product, the materials used in the product and your dog’s measurement. In this article, we will discuss the important Do’s and Don’ts when selecting the ideal backpack for your dog.


  • DO consult your veterinarian:
    If you’re considering putting your furry friend in a backpack, contact your veterinarian first. This step is very important especially when you own an older dog or if your dog has health issues.

miibuddy dog backpack
  • DO choose a backpack that is specially designed for your dog:
    Select a backpack that can fit your dog perfectly. Make sure that the backpack that you are going to select can handle the weight of your dog. Note that the backpack should be large enough for your dog to move and stretch comfortably every once in a while.

  • DO measure the size of your dog:
    This is the most important thing that you need to consider before buying a dog backpack. As mentioned earlier, a backpack for dogs is not intended to be “one size fits all.” Don’t just measure the height and weight of your dog, you also need to measure their tail’s length, as well as their back and collar’s width.

  • DO buy a backpack that has extra space or pockets:
    To make yourself comfortable, we highly recommend that you buy a backpack that has space for things like water bottles, chew toys, treats, etc. for you and your dog. Having such will eliminate the burden of carrying an extra bag, avoiding discomfort in your arms.

little dog in a backpack
  • DO consider the activity you’ll use the dog backpack for:
    If you’re going to use the dog backpack for activities like car trips and everyday activities such as grocery shopping, to keep your dog contained, a regular lightweight and durable dog backpack will do. If you intend to use it for long hours of travel such as airplane travel, you need to check the airline’s regulations for the size and construction requirements before buying the dog backpack.


  • DO NOT buy backpacks that are not intended for dogs:
    For the safety of your dog, we do not recommend the use of regular backpacks because they do not have the safety features needed such as the ventilation system, extra sturdy support on the bottom of the bag, etc.

  • DO NOT buy a dog backpack without reviewing the item:
    It is highly important that you do research first before deciding to buy the product. Start by  checking the product’s description, reviews, the styles available, the sizes and the other features of the backpack.

  • DO NOT guess your dog’s measurements:
    Some dog owners do not have measuring tools like a weighing scale. Buying the tools wouldn’t be a solution if you’re trying to be frugal or simply in a rush. The most appropriate solution for this is going to your veterinarian to get your dog properly measured.

  • DO NOT buy cheap, low-grade backpack for dogs:
    To keep your dog safe, secure and comfortable, your dog backpack should be made out of high-quality materials especially if you want it to last long.

miibuddy backpack


Now that you’ve learned the important do’s and don’ts of selecting a backpack for dogs, we hope that you consider these guidelines in order for your travel with your pup to be less of a hassle, as well as more fun, safe and convenient. 

dog laying down during an adventure

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