Adult Paint by Numbers: A Pastime?

“Paint by Numbers” is a term that everyone must’ve heard about. You’ve seen it everywhere– from TV to the internet and people’s homes. It’s safe to say that Adult Paint by Numbers has been a part of pop culture. But what makes it so much of a trend? Curious to find out? Continue reading this article!

A person painting with watercolors

Unlike other pastime hobbies, Painting by Numbers is pretty much self-explanatory: all you have to do is match the numbers on the canvas with its corresponding color based on the number given on the paint pot’s lid. The rest is creativity and painting the stress away. With its simple instruction and promising results which prove that anyone can be a painter, Adult Paint by Numbers is not your ordinary arts and crafts kit. In this article, we will discuss why this trending adult pastime hobby is unlike any others.

Oftentimes, adult crafting kits are intricate and difficult to do, which can be stressful sometimes especially when you set a standard for yourself that you must do good. So, if you’re looking for something that can help you de-stress while keeping your hands busy, do yourself a favor and get an Adult Paint by Numbers kit. It’s easy, entertaining and the best of all, it helps you improve your painting skills. All these points mentioned are just a few among the many reasons why Adult Paint by Numbers is not just a regular pastime hobby.

Why Adult Paint by Numbers kits are Great for your Mental Health:

With all the isolation, health hazards and other negativities we faced in 2020, the year was a reminder for us that self-care is very important. For some of us, self-care can be defined as binge watching TV, trying to finish your reading bucket list, going to the spa or salon. These are great but if you’re trying to be more productive while trying to relieve the stress and anxiety, then you might want to try something new: ART.


Self-care kits can be anything: they could be a pile of books waiting to be read, a pack of essential oils and diffuser, skincare products and so forth. Try something different and creative: an adult Paint by Numbers kits.

For most of us, doing art (and crafts) can be difficult since most tasks require technical skills, but you don’t have to be an art-savvy person to finish an art project. If you want to try something artistic, then Adult Paint by Numbers is perfect for you– it’s stress-free and all you need is dedication, patience, and of course, you must have fun while doing it! 

Self-care is the key


There are people who find sitting down on a yoga mat or focusing on nature difficult as a meditation practice. If you’re one of them, then maybe you should try art as a tool for meditation.

Immersing yourself in a systematic yet creative task like painting can help you distract yourself from reality, from overthinking, and all the negativities of life in general. Hence, it creates mindfulness. Through art, you can space out from negative thoughts of the past and future, allowing you to connect with your true self while focusing on the present.

A lady creating her own masterpiece


It’s not just about finishing the kit and displaying it so that others can see your talent, it’s also about being proud of yourself for finishing a task that you thought you’d be unable to do. 

Creating art has been proven to help you build self-confidence in so many ways. Adult Paint by Numbers kits can help you build confidence in a way that helps you build a new skill along the process and in the end, finishing the kit and being pleased with the outcome can also give you a sense of accomplishment that you can share with your loved ones.

Part real, part painting


Looking for a healthy way to express your anger, sadness, and all the other feelings bottled inside you for a long time? Now is your chance. If you’re dazed and confused with all the things happening in this world, try to pause and reflect for a while with art.

Art such as painting, among the many forms including writing and dancing, helps you externalize the emotions you’re feeling and it also fills the gap between your conscious and unconscious mind– art gives you a creative outlet and a healthy coping mechanism that can help you manage your feelings and state of mind in a better way.

Lady relaxing while painting

Why Adult Paint by Numbers is Great for Physical Activity:

Adult Paint by Numbers is not only beneficial to your mental and emotional health. It’s an all-around pastime hobby that can also benefit your physical health. Here are some of the reasons why this pastime hobby improves your physical health:


According to a research from Michigan State University Extension, art can help in reducing physical pain as well as improving one’s ability to cope up with pain. Moreover, creative physical activities that are done regularly promotes the use of your hands, fingers and arms which can help in reducing stiffness.


It has been proven in plenty of studies that creative physical activities can significantly improve your brain activity which promotes better concentration, cognitive function, problem-solving abilities and fine motor skills.

Not your Ordinary Pastime Hobby

Adult Paint by Numbers kits are not just an ordinary pastime arts and crafts kits to bust your boredom. Apart from the mental and physical benefits discussed a while ago, doing art also promotes cultural awareness and positive mindset. So what are you waiting for? Grab your own Paint by Numbers kit today and see the benefits for yourself! 

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