Top Five Reasons Why Creativity is Good for You

For many, they have the impression that creativity is not useful, especially if they don’t lead a life as an artist as they have a blue-collar job to attend to. According to a world-renowned scientist, Albert Einstein, “creativity is intelligence having fun.” This just shows that creativity and intelligence are two crucial traits for life. Thus, they are also interconnected with each other as one fuel the other. There are many reasons why creativity is good for you. Now, in this article, we will discuss the top five reasons why. So, continue reading to know more.

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Creativity is hard to define and it is even harder to measure. For one, creativity is the avoidance of linear thinking and the ability to see the bigger picture. Usually, many people measure creativity based on how imaginative and innovative a person is while some measure it through artistry. However, creativity is more complicated than that… but in a good way. The point of the matter is that this ability is a crucial skill for life success even though you don’t work in the art industry or anything even related to that. Before we proceed to discuss the reasons why creativity is good for you, let us first know the simple practices to improve your creative skills for you to grow and develop.

How to Improve Your Creative Skills through Simple Practices

    1.   Read a book:

One of the best ways to develop your creative thinking is through reading books. You don’t have to read books that are too lengthy for you; you can just read the ones that appeal to you the most to give you ideas and to spark your knowledge and wisdom. Books are never boring if you are reading the right ones. Go to your local bookstores, check the cover art of the book, read the synopsis, or go to the bestseller section to give you more reading list ideas.

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    2.  Engage in creative activities:

Of course, you cannot be creative without engaging yourself in creative activities. These activities do not only pertain to fine arts ventures like painting or creating sculptures as you can also write essays, blog posts, short stories, and poems. You can even join a dance club or a theatre club, depending on your hobbies and the things you are interested in. 

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    3.   Go out for a walk:

Staying inside your house all the time can ruin your sanity, especially in this time of pandemics. If your place has loosened quarantine restrictions, try going to the park without your phone or any of your gadgets. Just bring yourself and see the beauty of nature around you. Hear the chirping of the birds, feel the butterflies, and appreciate the bees. You can take some “souvenirs” with you by picking some flowers and leaves that you like and using them as a bookmark, etc.

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    4.  Create a simple daily routine:

For many, the idea of having a daily schedule is not something they like because it makes them feel like a robot. However, a simple routine that you can follow every day changes everything. Why? Because it creates a balance between your work-life schedule and it diminishes boredom too. The key to creating a routine that works for you is to make it simple and realistic. Thus, do not forget to insert creative activities that you can immerse yourself in to improve your creativity, as well as to de-stress.

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Wondering Why Creativity is Good for You? Here are the Top Five Reasons!

    1.   It makes the world a better place:

Just by looking at the number of artworks that we see in museums, art galleries, and exhibits, as well as online, these contribute aestheticism to the world. Realistically and by looking at the world around us, it’s full of unpleasant things—wars, rages, arguments, destroyed relationships, and many more. However, art and creativity help people to see the world, not as it is, but rather, as it could be.

    2.   It helps you destress as a person:

As mentioned, being creative requires you to engage yourself in creative activities not just in fine arts. Being able to immerse yourself in creative hobbies creates a positive type of stress known as “eustress” which is good for you. It does not only diminish stress but also sadness, anxiety, and depression.

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    3.   It improves your brain function:

Creativity is a very important skill not only because it helps you become more artistic. The great news is, it also improves other skills such as critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Many studies and research in the field of psychology and science show the link between intelligence and creativity. Accordingly, studies have disclosed that highly creative people show higher intelligence levels than those people who are not as creative. Hence, this is one of the essential reasons why creativity is good for you.

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     4. It widens your perspective:

Due to creativity and imagination, your mind can function to its maximum potential. You’ll be able to generate ideas and the only limit is the sky. Your innovations will stand out from the rest. Thus, apart from allowing you to see the bigger picture, you’ll also learn how to create multiple solutions to a single problem because you’re thinking multilaterally if you’re practicing creativity.

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    5.   It makes your life better… and the people around you too: 

One practical application of creativity is the gift of giving. One common thing about creative people is that they are very giving in a very creative manner. They make others’ lives better by giving them special gifts like handmade paintings, soaps, candles, and many more. Creative people have good hearts, and that is a fact. This trait is not only beneficial to their loved ones as it can also make a difference in their personal life and inner peace.

Key Insights to Remember 

We hope that this discussion on why creativity is good for you motivates you to practice and develop this crucial and amazing skill even more. Creativity should be practiced even though you’re not an artist, or if you work a blue-collar job. It makes people smile, it alleviates the burden of people, and it makes the world beautiful. So, don’t forget to have fun with everything that you do because the sky’s the limit!

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