How to Take a Photo for Your Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Custom Paint by Numbers has been a popular pastime art kit since the starting of the pandemic. It brings joy to everyone who aspires to paint their masterpiece as they can do it with ease, confidence, and assurance that everything will come together aesthetically. These personalized kits give you the freedom to choose your photo which extends your creativity to a certain degree. Of course, you can select a preexisting photo that you love the most or even better, take a new photo that you’ll use for the kit. It sounds like a lot of work but this can also improve your photography skills. Let’s get started.

painting a variety of image


A quick and easy way to gift your loved ones with something unique, Custom Paint by Numbers appeals to millions of people around the world. Not just only fitting as a thoughtful present, it can also be a pastime hobby that you can indulge yourself in as a stress reliever. To have a very promising outcome with your custom kit, selecting the photo is a very crucial step. More so, capturing a photo is also crucial if you want to push your creativity to new boundaries.

We always want to provide beginners with new knowledge that can improve their artistic abilities. 

We’ve discussed the basics of selecting a photo for your kit previously so we’ll introduce something new by discussing how to take better photos for your custom PBN. Knowing the basics of taking photos will not only serve as an advantage for your painting. Remember, the details will either make or break the painting, so be careful. It can also make you a better photographer that can impress other people. 

Capture the Moment with Custom Paint by Numbers

    1.  Decide what type of image you’re planning to paint:

Personalized PBN kits give you a lot of opportunities to paint something different every single time. Have you already decided what you’ll paint? A selfie? Pet portrait? Still life? Landscape? Your favorite place? Food? New family photo? There’s so much to choose from but select something that you think you can finish. It may be very easy to take the photo, but keep in mind that it will be turned into a pre-printed canvas that you’ll paint. If it’s your first time painting, think of something that will be easy to paint for you = lesser details in the photo, easier to finish.

A photo of a person taking a selfie of a sea shore

    2.  Get your phone ready:


If your phone has a good camera quality, there’s no need for a fancy DSLR cam. All you need is your phone, a steady pair of hands, and an editing app. Plus, it would be easier to edit on your phone and easy to upload on the site as well.

A photo of a woman in a brown coat taking a selfie with a phone

    3.  Lights, camera, shoot:

Now that you got your phone ready, here are some tips and tricks to improve your photography skills.

  • Learn the features of your camera to maximize your advantage.
  • Find good lighting.
  • Adjust exposure and set focus area.
  • Turn on your camera grid.
  • Improve your composition; keep in mind the rule of thirds.
  • Get close for the details.
  • Keep a steady pair of hands; you don’t want your shot to be blurry.

… and you’re ready!

Tip: When taking a selfie, make sure that you’re in full glam, you’ll want to be as beautiful as your portrait’s gonna be!

A photo of a person holding a smartphone taking a picture

Tip: Take a couple of shots so you’ll have plenty of options.


    4.  Edit:


This is an optional step, but if you want to enhance the aesthetic quality of the photo, then you can add filter/s, edit the image properties, etc. You can use your phone’s built-in editor from the gallery or you can download free-to-use photo editing apps like VSCO, PicsArt, Polarr, and so much more! There are thousands of editing apps that you can use and the editing options are almost limitless, so it’s time for you to be more creative!

A photo of a woman in a black crew neck t-shirt

Selecting a Photo for your Custom Paint by Numbers

Did you have fun taking photographs? Well, we’re sure that you did! Taking photographs makes you appreciate the beauty of things even more and it keeps the memory forever. Now, time to make a photograph into something more memorable: a painting made by you. But before this, you need to upload your favorite shot using the Best Paint by Numbers site. Here are a few guidelines before making the ultimate decision on which photo you’ll be painting:

    1.  Make sure that your selected image is proportional to the size of your selected Paint by Numbers kit:

The normal size of a Best Paint by Numbers Custom kit is 40×50 cm/16×20 inches. The proper image aspect ratio should be 4:5. However, we also offer a choose your size feature just in case your selected photo is more or less than the recommended aspect ratio. To see the available sizes that we offer, click here.

    2.  Pay attention to the details:

The image should have a good brightness, good definition, and the background shouldn’t be too cluttered so that the main focus is your subject.

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